37 in 1 Sensor Kit Expand

37 in 1 Sensor Kit



Need a fully featured sensor and module kit? This is the answer! 

37 Sensors and modules packaged in an awesome component box.

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Need a fully featured sensor and module kit? This is the answer! 

Arduino Compatible


The 37 in 1 Sensor Kit Set Includes:

  • PS2 Game Joystick Module
  • Infrared Sensor Receiving Module
  • Laser Module
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
  • Infrared Sensor Module
  • 5V Relay Module
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
  • Finger Detecting Heartbeat Module
  • Sound Sensor Module
  • Metal Touch Sensor Module
  • Flame Sensor Module
  • Line Sensor Module
  • Linear magnetic hall Sensor
  • Rotary Encoder Module
  • Magic Cup Mercury Switch Light Module
  • Small Passive Buzzer Module
  • Active Buzzer Module
  • Digital Temperature Sensor Module
  • Break Beam Optical Light Sensor Module
  • Thermistor Sensor Module
  • Mercury Switch Module
  • Hall Magnetic Sensor Module
  • 3-Colour 5mm RGB LED Module
  • 3-Colour RGB Surface Mount LED Module
  • Tilt Switch Module
  • 7-Colour Flashing LED Module
  • Button Switch Module
  • Photosensitive Resistance Module
  • Vibration Switch Module
  • Knock / Shock Sensor Module
  • Temperature Sensor Module
  • Analog Hall Magnetic Sensors
  • Microphone Sound Amplification and Sensor Module
  • Big Reed Switch Module
  • Mini Reed Switch Module
  • Dual-Colour 3mm LED Module
  • Dual-Colour 5mm LED Module


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