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The Particle Debugger uses common JTAG and SWD interfaces for debugging Particle Mesh Network devices like the Argon, Boron and Xenon boards.

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Electronics are objectively awesome, and there are very few people who could disagree with this notion after knowing the incredible potential that devices as small as a fingernail can offer. However, sometimes Electronics can be tricky beasts to tame, even in the world of Particle Mesh Networks, and it’s important to have the right tools to figure out what’s going wrong, and how you can make it awesome again.

Introducing the Particle Debugger, which is Particle’s answer to taming the Mesh Network monsters that plague your exciting Internet of Things projects, allowing you to dig deep into the sub-blocks of Particle IoT Mesh Network devices like the Particle Argon, Boron and Xenon, and get your project into pristine working order. This Particle Debugger is designed specifically for Particle Mesh Network devices, and uses the common JTAG and SWD interfaces to make your life as a Maker as easy as possible, with support for open-source tools like GDB and the open-source CMSIS-DAP specification and DAPLink firmware for ARM.

Additionally, just to add the cherry on top of this fantastic deal, the Particle Debugger also comes with a JTAG ribbon cable included, so that you can get straight to debugging your projects without any extra costs or hassle.


Particle Mesh Network Debugger  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Particle IoT                                                                     

  • Mesh Network Device Compatibility

Particle Argon / Particle Boron / Particle Xenon

  • Included Accessories

– JTAG Ribbon Cable

  • Cable Length

– ±180mm

  • Weight

– 7g

  • Dimensions

– 53 x 19 x 11mm


Typical Applications for Particle Debugger:

Repairs and Maintenance in electronics may not always be the most exciting parts about projects and Prototyping, but it is important, and often the results are more than worth the time spent. As such, we feel this Particle Debugger is an excellent addition to any Particle Mesh Network enthusiast, as it not only speeds up the prototyping and design phase, but also helps you create the best project possible – without needing to do any strange or inefficient workarounds.


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Particle Debugger

Particle Debugger

Particle is a comprehensive Internet of Things platform that is scalable, easy to use and secure, which was started as a Kickstarter campaign in as early as 2013. It was founded with the intent to make IoT easy and accessible for everyone, and by many people’s standards they have successfully achieved that, with over 70,000 engineers in over 170 countries utilising the Particle platform – including several Fortune 500 companies.

One of the recent utilisations of the potential of Particle tools is how it was implemented to connect a vital water-valve to the internet, allowing it to monitor the weather, identify the incoming Hurricane Irma, and prepare to move the water to where it needed to go – before the rain had even begun to fall in the area. This is just one of the many amazing examples of how Particle IoT can benefit more than just businesses or developers, as well as how Particle’s vision of IoT being integrated into almost everything – both online and offline – is quickly becoming a reality.