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Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapter

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This super-handy Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapter allows you to use your favourite Micro USB power supplies for modern devices and development boards!

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As the popularity of USB Type-C continues to grow, we are seeing more and more devices and Development Boards adopting the standard as a primary means of both delivering high power and transferring data at rapid speeds. However, USB Type-C is by no means cheap, and each cable actually takes many man-hours to produce due to the extremely high level of quality that the standard is designed to. And while USB Type-C is certainly the future of USB Interfacing, it is just not affordable enough yet to replace all of your old cables and ports – even if it does offer dramatically better connection quality.

This is why we feel that these Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapters are a great investment for Makers like us, as it allows us to continue using our favourite Micro USB Cables with all of our new favourite (and very modern) development platforms like the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. And instead of simply throwing out old phone chargers and Micro USB power supplies, we can now repurpose them with a simple adapter to breathe new life into them and keep them going for many years to come.

In addition to being absolutely fantastic solutions for modern dev’ platforms, these adapters are also really handy for commonplace consumer devices like the newer smart phones, tablets and laptops as well. Just be sure that your device is not demanding more than the older generation Micro USB Power Supplies can provide, as USB Type-C devices are typically known to be very power hungry, and may end up doing more damage to your PSU than you may expect. However, for most standard applications that don’t need the full QC3.0 power standard, this adapter is an inexpensive yet elegant solution to save you money and let you enjoy the best of both worlds.


Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Female Port

– Micro USB                              

  • Male Connector

– USB Type-C

  • Colour

– Black

  • Weight

– ±4g


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Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapter

Micro USB to USB Type-C Adapter