9v Arduino Battery Connector Expand

9v Arduino Battery Connector



This 9V snap connector is designed to let you take your Arduino project into the world – Supports 9V battery and works natively with most Arduino Boards.

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This 9V Arduino Battery Connector is designed to make your Arduino project portable – removing the need for direct connection into an electrical wall outlet. With a 2,1mm male power plug on one side and a 9V snap connector battery clip on the other, you can take your Arduino projects into the world, powered by a powerful but efficient 9V battery.

For extra precautionary measures, the battery clip has a small piece of heat shrink tubing, which primarily insulates the open wiring, but also acts to maintain the heat, which can be particularly beneficial in the case of a short on the circuit.


9V Arduino Battery Connector  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Power Connection

– Male 2.1mm Jack

  • Battery Connection

– 9V Snap Connector Battery Clip

  • Battery Size

– 9V


Typical Applications for the 9V Arduino Battery Connector:

As mentioned above, the 9v Arduino Battery Connector is primarily designed to let you take your Arduino projects on the move. However, three are a few additional tips and tricks that can add a touch of convenience to your projects as well, such as:

  • Connecting a power switch in series with the connector so that you can simply turn it on or off, rather than removing or inserting the battery.
  • Most basic Arduino boards can natively operate on 9V, meaning that you can also choose to remove the 2.1mm jack and simply connect the positive end to Arduino “Vin” and the negative end to Arduino “GND” to power your system.
  • These connectors can also be installed in series to extend the battery life of your Arduino project while keeping the same voltage.

If you want to make your Arduino project portable, there are few easier ways to do it than with a 9v Arduino Battery Connector. However, if you know your project requires more than just 9V, or you are looking for longer usage times, consider one of the power packs from our Batteries category.


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