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SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor - Digital



This little SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor is capable of identifying and reacting to magnetic fields, with 20mA switching current for PCB projects.

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Hall Effect magnetic sensors are relatively basic Electronics Components that, despite their simplicity, are used in an almost endless number of different applications in almost every industry from automotive through to smart device manufacturing. They are capable of measuring magnetic fields produced by electronics, metals and other materials, and can then send pulses to systems in order to enforce an action, reaction or other function depending on the device, machine or individual component.

These SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensors are digital magnetic Sensors with a 20mA switching current, which operate on a wide 4.5V to 24V DC range in order to be used in a diverse range of applications. These units are through-hole design for PCB mounting, and are ideal for use with small microcontrollers like 5V Arduino Boards, as well as larger devices like 3D Printers and even some high-powered machinery. In addition to reliable functionality, these sensors are also bipolar, meaning it uses both electron and hole charge carriers, and also feature reverse polarity protection as well, which helps to protect against unnecessary damage in the event that other components or Modules are connected in the wrong direction.


SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Honeywell                                     

  • Model Number

– SS40A

  • Supply Voltage

– 4.5V to 24V DC

  • Switching Current

– 20mA

  • Output Type

– Digital

  • Mounting Style

– Through-Hole

  • Terminal Type


  • Weight

– ±1g

  • Dimensions

– 4.1 x 4.1 x 1.6mm


Typical Applications for SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor:

In our modern world, hall effect sensors are actually surprisingly commonplace despite the fact that many people don’t even know what they are. In fact, in most 3-wire or 4-wire fans (like those found in computers) a hall effect sensors is commonly used to identify fan blades passing a certain point in order to send signals back along the third wire. This can help a system identify the RPM of the fan without any cameras or additional sensors, with almost no effect on the actual efficiency and speed of the fan. This is just one of the many uses in modern applications, although there are certainly many more examples that you can find in smart devices, wireless charging stations, as well as the automotive industry – all of which utilise the simple notion of magnetic fields to offer advanced sensing and precision measurements.

With regards to the above, and in terms of hobbyist projects that you could enjoy at home, the SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor can be used to measure the speed of rapidly moving parts, identify objects with magnetic fields in close proximity, or even provide some kind of reaction to magnetic fields. As such, some of the fun projects we’ve found include silly projects like fidget spinner RPM counters and magnetic pendulums, as well as some really incredible projects like gesture-control gloves, fermentation monitoring devices, and our personal favourite: repulsive electromagnetic levitation devices to suspend small objects in mid-air using sound!


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SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor - Digital

SS40A Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor - Digital