ANENG AN8008 Digital Multimeter True RMS 9999 Count - Cover Expand

Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter - True RMS, 9999 Count



The ANENG AN8008 is the new kid on the block, bringing True RMS performance and 10 000 count accuracy, at an affordable price with pocket sized dimensions!

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When Prototyping and building circuits with various electronics modules and components, it’s quite easy to make mistakes along the way, some of which are rather dull, while others result in awesome explosions. This is why it’s always important to have handy Workshop Tools like this Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter at your side, so that you can continuously test and measure results to ensure that all of your Electronics Components and modules are behaving properly, getting the power they need, and all doing their jobs to make your project work.

Although many of the Multimeters that you can buy are somewhat the same, in both functionality and aesthetics, what we particularly like about the Aneng AN8008 is that is actually offers a mountain-load of functionality and value, but all for a ridiculously low price. In fact, when first finding this multimeter, we couldn’t simply believe the ratings that it stated, but after testing it with higher quality testing devices, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how good this multimeter really is.

Bear in mind that this tiny but versatile digital multimeter is not meant for high power applications, and is really just a handy tool for hobbyist work, allowing you to test your circuits quickly and easily, without taking up much space in your bag, toolbox or even pocket. So, if you’re looking for a handy pocket multimeter that offers some serious power despite its size, or if you just like to tinker with Electronics and don’t need the extreme functionality of high-class multimeters for your projects, this inexpensive but awesome Aneng AN8008 is certainly the right tool for you!


Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Aneng

  • Model Number

– AN8008

  • Display Type

– Digital Display with Optional Backlight             

  • Display Refresh Rate

– 3Hz

  • Operating Modes

– Automatic / Manual Ranging

  • Voltage Measuring Ranges

– 9.999mV DC/AC

– 99.99mV DC/AC

– 999.9mV DC/AC

– 9.999V DC/AC

– 99.99V DC/AC

– 750V AC

– 999.9V DC

  • Current Measuring Ranges

– 99.99μA DC/AC

– 999.9μA DC/AC

– 999.9mA DC/AC

– 9.999A DC/AC

  • Resistance Measuring Ranges

– 99.99Ω / 999.9Ω

– 9.999kΩ / 99.99kΩ / 999.9kΩ

– 999.9MΩ

  • Measuring Capacitance

– 9.999nF / 99.99nF / 999.9nF

– 9.999μF / 99.99μF / 999.9μF

– 9.999mF

  • Frequency Measuring Ranges

– 99.99Hz / 999.9Hz

– 9.999kHz / 99.99kHz / 999.9kHz

– 9.999MHz

  • Inductance Measuring Range

– None

  • Square Wave Digital Outputs

– 50Hz / 100Hz / 200Hz

– 300Hz / 400Hz / 500Hz

– 600Hz / 700Hz / 800Hz

– 900Hz / 1000Hz / 2000Hz

– 3000Hz / 4000Hz / 5000Hz

  • Duty Cycle Measuring Range

– 1% to 99%

  • Diode Test

– Yes

  • Continuity

– Yes

  • Additional Features

– True RMS Capabilities (Limited)

– Optional Display Backlight

– Data Hold Function

– Low Battery Indication

– Idle Alarm & Auto Off

  • Required Batteries

– 2 x AAA Batteries  (Not Included)

  • Expected Operating Time

– ±1000 Hours Per Battery Set

  • Enclosure Material


  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– 0° to +40°C

  • Parts Included

– 1 x Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter

– 1 x Set of Probes 

  • Weight

– ±130g (with Batteries)

  • Dimensions

– 65 x 130 x 32mm


Typical Applications for the Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter:

This AN8008 meter has the maker community going wild for its performance at this price! While there aren’t necessarily any unique uses for it aside from measuring circuits and components, hobbyists use this multimeter in a wide range of different areas, such as:

  • Robotics and remote control vehicles, to test circuits and ensure cars, planes and boats are ready to take on the challenges ahead without crashing, plummeting or sinking… or all three.
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi prototyping to test resistances, diodes and transistors, for troubleshooting circuits and figuring out what needs to be added or removed for components to cooperate.
  • Building 3D Printers, which are not necessarily easy to build and often require further insight into what’s going on in the system – which of course a multimeter can provide.

This multimeter is ideal for small to medium electronics and robotics projects, making it the perfect choice for any home or office workshop dealing with consumer electronics or personal projects.


Finally, here’s a great video by Dave, the world-renowned tear-down expert (and one of our favourite content creators out there), in which he takes a very in-depth look into the Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter:



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Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter - True RMS, 9999 Count

Aneng AN8008 Digital Multimeter - True RMS, 9999 Count