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The Fingerprint Sensor Module from DFRobot utilises a high speed DSL processor to read, store and compare up to 1000 fingerprints on internal memory.

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Fingerprints are one of the small marvels of the human body, with each person having a very unique set of lines, furrows, shapes and patterns seemingly scrawled on the end of each individual finger. This, in conjunction with the fact that they never change after a human is born into the world, means fingerprints are an excellent way of identifying and differentiating each person in a relatively simple way. And while we also each have our very own unique tongue and butt prints as well, scanners for such parts on the body just aren’t as convenient (or hygienic) as simply scanning the end of a finger.

This is why these Fingerprint Sensor Modules from DFRobot are amazing little devices, as they offer a simple, convenient and fraud-resistant way of identifying precisely who is using the scanner, which is incredibly useful for a near-endless amount of different applications. This scanner module features an onboard high-speed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and internal memory, which enables it to store a set of predefined fingerprints, identify precisely who is using the module by comparing it against the predefined set, and storing up to 1000 entries without the need for any kind of microcontroller like Arduino.

Additionally, these fingerprint scanner Modules also offers intelligent matching modes, allowing administrators to search through the previous 1000 fingerprints, compare specific fingerprints against the stored fingerprint entries, and even find out how many timers a specific fingerprint was scanned throughout those 1000 entries. And if that’s still not enough, this module even offers five different levels of security, making it a valuable investment if you want to use these Sensors for business or home security.

*Please Note: The password for this module is 0x00000000, and this can be found in the Schematics included in our Downloads tab on this product page.


Fingerprint Sensor Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage

– 3.8V to 7V DC

  • Rated Current

– 65mA (Typical)

  • Interface

– UART (TTL Logic Level)

  • Baud Rate

– 9600 x N , where N = 1 to 12 (Default 6)

  • Fingerprint Sensing Method

– Image Capture & Compare

  • Fingerprint Image Acquisition Time

– Less than 1 Second

  • Fingerprint Storage Capacity

– 1000

  • FAR

– <0.001%

  • FRR

– <1%

  • Average Searching Time

– Less than 1 Second (1:500, Average)

  • Fingerprint Matching Modes

– Comparison Mode (1:1)  /  Search Mode (1:N)

  • Character File

– 256 bytes

  • Template File

– 512 bytes

  • Security Levels

– 5 Levels (1 to 5)

  • Rated Operating Temperatures

– -20° to +60°C (@ 40% to 85% Relative Humidity)         

  • Touch Zone Dimensions

– 14.5 x 19.4mm

  • Overall Dimensions

 54 x 20 x 20.5mm


Typical Applications for the DFRobot Fingerprint Sensor Module:

Fingerprint sensing, albeit relatively old, has become far more accessible to the average consumer, which has spurred inventors to begin using these types of scanners for all kinds of projects, with some being obvious, while others are quite unexpected. And while you could certainly use this scanner for it’s original intended purpose – scanning fingerprints to monitor employees or control access to a building – you could also use it for fun hobbyist applications too.

In fact, one Maker even used this particular scanner to equip his Nerf Gun with fingerprint access control, so that only he could use the gun when his thumb was placed on a specific point. But of course this is just a simple example of how this scanner module can be used for fun applications, and the list of projects, both existing and those still to be invented, is almost endless, from access control linked to gamification rewards within an office environment, all the way through to clever digital board games that utilise fingerprints mixed in with complex sets of rules to create very interesting and exciting gaming scenarios.


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Fingerprint Sensor Module

Fingerprint Sensor Module

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