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Voltage Meter Display, 0-100V

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This Voltage Meter Display measures 0-100V with an easy-to-read display – Simple unit for testing and measuring electronics up to 100V.

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This simple 0-100V Voltage Meter Display is an inexpensive but highly valuable tool within a workshop or electronics toolbox, and allows for quick and easy testing of voltages of projects or components up to 100V. This is ideal for testing and Prototyping, and ensures that you can perform tests before plugging in expensive components and potentially damaging or breaking them.

It has three lines, consisting of a power source connector, a ground and a signal connector to attach to voltages that you want to test. The separate power supply connection of 4-40V allows for precision accuracy without affecting the displayed readings, and the tiny form factor makes it possible to install the unit into an enclosure or casing, so you can build your own voltage reader unit.

Just remember that the red wire is the power supply connection and the yellow wire connects to the component or circuit that is being tested, while the remaining black wire is the ground.


Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage         

– 4V to 40V                                                   

  • Measurement Range

– 0V to 99.9V

  • Connections

– Power (Red)

– Signal (Yellow)

– Black (Ground)

  • Operating Temperature

– -10°C to 65°C

  • Dimensions

– 47 x 29 x 22mm


Typical Applications for the Voltage Meter Display, 0-100V:

These reliable 0-100V Voltage Meter Display units are handy tools to have when prototyping and testing circuits or components, and can be easily integrated into a wide range of projects if you need a constant voltage measurement unit within the system. This is very handy for installing onto breadboards that you may want to use to build new projects on, as it keeps a constant display of the voltage running through the circuit and allows you to keep track of the voltage so as to avoid breaking or damaging important or expensive Electronics Components.



works perfectly

works perfectly

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Voltage Meter Display, 0-100V

Voltage Meter Display, 0-100V