CC3300 WiFi Shield Expand

CC3000 WiFi Shield



The CC3000 WiFi Shield is an expansion module which adds WiFi and internet connectivity to Arduino projects – Capable of connecting via SmartConfig app.

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If you’ve ever wanted to add internet of WiFi connectivity to your Arduino projects, the CC3000 WiFi Shield is the ideal solution. This shield utilizes the CC3000, which is a self-contained wireless network processor, and incorporates it into a simple Arduino-compatible expansion board. This board can plug directly onto your existing projects, opening up a whole new dimension of online capabilities.

What makes the CC3000 unique compared to other WiFi Arduino Shields is its ability to associate with WiFi access points through an intelligently designed cell phone app called SmartConfig. This allows you to connect with your Arduino project from anywhere in the world, as long as both you and it have internet access, and not only monitor it, but actually control or even program it from a laptop or PC.

The CC3000 WiFi Shield is compatible with most Crowduino, Seeduino and Arduino Boards, and is even easier to install than most standard components – making it a valuable investment for both beginners and veterans. In fact, even the Coding Libraries are freely available, ensuring that, no matter whether you are new to Arduino or have already mastered it, you can enjoy real value when purchasing this Shield for your projects.

Technical Specifications:

  • Chipset


  • Antenna

Onboard Ceramic

  • Memory Capabilities

Onboard MicroSD Card Slot

  • Communication Protocol


  • Connects via

IEEE 802.11 b/g Networks

  • Tx Bandwidth


  • Tx Sensitivity

– ±18dBm

  • Rx Sensitivity


  • Security Support


  • Client and Server Modes


  • Max Concurrent TCP/UDP Sockets


  • TCP/IP Stack

– Integrated On-Board

  • Arduino Compatibility

– UNO, Mega, Leonardo, Micro

  • Operating Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

  • Dimensions

53 x 60 x 24mm

  • Weight



Typical Applications for the CC3000 WiFi Shield:

While the majority of typical applications will simply involve adding WiFi or internet connectivity to projects, the CC3000 WiFi Shield can also provide some other, lesser known benefits. As such, some of the more unique applications for this Shield include:

  • Connecting small robots to a “Hive Mind” which sends and receives data from the robots – telling them how to act together to achieve a single purpose.
  • Integrating WiFi control into a home, to control the kettle, toaster, oven or other appliances through your phone from the comfort of your couch.
  • Building a security or anti-theft system that messages or calls you (and your security company) when it senses intruders or thieves – possibly even monitoring and collecting nearby device data as evidence in case of an investigation.

Wherever devices or personal projects could benefit from connecting to a WiFi network, the CC3000 WiFi Shield can offer value. So consider which of your projects you could upgrade with Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. At such an affordable price, this Shield is a genuine investment for all Makers, hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts.

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CC3000 WiFi Shield

CC3000 WiFi Shield