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This MP3 Audio Shield provides an easy and convenient way to integrate MP3 and WAV functionality into Arduino projects – SD card and USB drive compatible.

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This MP3 Audio Shield is designed to be used with a wide range of Arduino Boards, and provides MP3 functionality in a convenient and easy-to-install module. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for customising projects with audio responses – or even for building your own custom-designed MP3 player. Equipped with an on-board 3W Class-D stereo audio amplifier, this shield is capable of driving a 4ohm load, which may not seem like much when compared to larger systems, but is more than sufficient for smaller projects.

In terms of file formats and storage types, the Arduino compatible MP3 Audio Shield can play MP3 and WAV files natively and can operate from an SD card or USB drive, ensuring that you aren’t limited in terms of space or Data Storage device types. Additionally, it also offers on-board controls featuring Volume + and -, Previous and Next track buttons, a Play/Pause button, as well as Copy and Sleep function – which can all be operated on the board, or can be connected to buttons within your own custom-designed enclosure.

Technical Specifications:

  • Control Interface

– Serial UART or on-board Buttons                             

  • On-board Audio Amplifier

– 3W/4Ω

  • File Type Compatibility

– MP3 and WAV

  • File System Support

– FAT16 and FAT32

  • Storage Device Compatibility

– SD/SDHD Card and U-Disk (USB)

  • Adjustable Volume

– 32 Levels

  • On-board Controls

– Vol+ / Vol- / Next / Prev / Play

  • Extra Functionality

– Copy files to on-board 64Mbit SPI-FLASH


– Sleep Mode


Typical Applications for the MP3 Audio Shield:

The MP3 Audio Shield is great for a rewarding DIY project, but can also be taken into the professional realm as well. While it is ideal for making a custom-designed alarm clock or musically-interacting project, this shield can also be installed within professional exhibitions or as additional tools for deejays and professionals within the live music entertainment industry. However, the range of projects for this shield doesn’t only involve music, and other projects also include:

  • Talking doorbells that progress from polite to angry as it gets pressed over and over within a certain time frame.
  • Guidelines for learners as they progress through a project, or for new workers who are still learning specific, complicated functions.
  • User interfaces that create the illusion of interactivity – suggesting actions or guiding users through a new or unique process.
  • Creating basic voice-activated systems that reply with various phrases according to specific variables or questions.

As a final note, without any extra programming or digital supervision, the MP3 Audio Shield will essentially create a playlist with the tracks saved in order of which was copied to the SD card first. For example, if you copy “A.mp3”, then “C.mp3”, and then “B.mp3” onto the SD card in that order, the tracks will playback in that same order of A, C, B. So, if you are creating a playlist and want specific tracks to follow on from each other, copy these tracks onto the SD card in that order.

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MP3 Audio Shield

MP3 Audio Shield