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SD Card Module



Our Arduino-compatible SD Card Module adds storage memory and data logging functionality to almost any Arduino-based project.

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This SD Card Module is a great solution if you have been eager to add memory storage or data logging functionality to your Arduino project, and plugs directly onto Arduino Boards and Arduino Shields in modular fashion. This allows you to add or remove the module at will without affecting the rest of a project or having to redesign your prototype.

While this memory card Breakout Board is primarily designed for Arduino, it can also be used with other Development Platforms, but may require a little bit of modification to get it to work optimally. It should, however, work natively with almost any standard Arduino Board, ensuring great value without any extra hassle.

The module also offers a switch to select between SD Card and TransFlash Card operation, for cases in which you need more than 32GB of storage memory.


SD Card Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V / 5V (Optional)

  • Memory Card Type

– Standard SD Card / TransFlash Card

  • Pin Requirements

– 4 Pins + GND + Power (6 Total)


Typical Applications for the SD Card Breakout Module:

Our SD Card Breakout Module is designed to add extra functionality to projects involving Arduino Boards or similar development platforms, and provides both mass storage as well as data logging capabilities. As such, this module is often used for projects like:

  • Building a device that captures and Records the amount of foot traffic outside of an office or home.
  • Creating a wireless cloud storage system that you can connect with to store or access important information.
  • Making a mini-server that can collect information wirelessly and stores data for later analysis.

If you’re looking to add data storage or data logging functionality to a project, this module is a solid investment as it offers great value for a relatively low price.


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SD Card Module

SD Card Module