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Micro SD Card Module



Log data, store databases or integrate audio into any Arduino project with this awesome Micro SD Card Module – Supports High Speed Micro SDHC Cards.

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As Makers who love to play with Electronics and robotics, we can’t always be everywhere at once, but we can build robots and complex little systems to be there for us, sensing and interacting with the environment or functioning on our behalf while we’re busy doing other things. However, while it is certainly possible to remotely sensor the outside temperature, pool water level, number of visitors and many other factors or variables, if nobody is there to see the results of the sensing, then is it really doing any good?

This is why we love the Micro SD Card Module, as this little board can give Arduino Boards and other 5V microcontrollers a memory bank, so that they can store those sensor readings and other data, allowing you to review the data or log it into a larger system later. This ensures that of all the work our electronics projects do is never wasted, and is instead stored and used to improve our lives or local environments in various ways.

In addition to simply storing data collected by connected Sensor Modules and other components, this Memory Module can also be used to store data that the project will need to operate, such as large lookup tables, complex databases or even audio files for playback purposes. This means that you can use this module to give you robot a brand new voice, give your handheld console some groovy audio tracks, make a spooky mask that greets visitors as they walk in, or any number of other exciting and creative applications.


Micro SD Card Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 5V DC                                                                    

  • Onboard Regulation

– 5V to 3.3V DC

  • Regulator IC

– 74LVC125A

  • Onboard Logic Level Shifting

– 5V | 3.3V Two-Way

  • Pin Interface

– Standard SPI Interface


  • SD Card Support

– Micro SD Card (Standard)

Micro SDHC Card (High Speed)

  • Weight

– ±6g

  • Dimensions

– 45 x 28mm


Additional Resources:

  • When experimenting with a new module, it’s always great when you can use a helpful tutorial to take you through the basics. This awesome Arduino SD Card Module Tutorial from Last Minute Engineers is a great resource that covers a lot of what this module can do, as well as how to set it up and get it operating with very little hassle.
  • Once you’ve gotten the hang of this awesome module, this next SD Card Module Audio Player Tutorial on Instructables teaches you how to take this module and build your own portable music player, or perhaps use it for the voice of your next robot.


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Micro SD Card Module

Micro SD Card Module