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This clever little ACS712 Current Sensor Module detects and measures currents up to 20A and is a handy common component within a wide range of hobby projects.

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We tinkerers love to hook up a variety of electronic components and devices in our various schemes and projects, but have you ever wondered how much current is pulling through your devices? Within Electronics, there must always be a delicate balance between current requirements in order to avoid mishaps in your electric circuits. Different devices require different current levels and if the wrong amount of current is streamed through, disastrous circumstances might occur. Smart Makers put sensors in place like this handy 5A Current Sensor ACS712 Module, to stop overloading from happening before it has a chance to seriously damage your more expensive electronic devices.

This ACS712 Current Sensor Module detects and measures current up to 5A, making it a perfect handy component to include in almost any electronic circuit or project that you wish to protect from overloading. This sensor module uses a conductor with integrated low-resistance and 2.1kVRMS voltage isolation. Working with voltage supply of 5V, this ACS712 Current Sensor is great for Arduino projects and other hobbyist projects with low power requirements. Especially when tinkering with various parts into your own prototype, it is important to monitor the required current for your applications so you know exactly what the expect. The ACS712 Current Sensor is a popular choice for its easy reliable results that allow you to tinker away without fear.

Please Note: This ACS712 Current Sensor only measures up to 5A and may be susceptible to external magnetic fields due to its hall effect current sensing. If you are looking for sensors with higher current ranges, we also stock the handy 20A Current ACS712 Sensor and the 30A Current ACS712 Sensor modules.

ACS712 Current Sensor Module - Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.         

– ACS712ELC-20A

  • Supply Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Measurement Range

– up to 20A (Positive & Negative Reading)

  • Analogue Output

– 100mV / A , 0A output = Vcc/2 (Half supply)

  • Bandwidth

– 80kHz

  • Output Sensitivity 

– 66 to 185 mV/A 

  • Voltage Isolation 

– 2.1kVRMS

  • Resistance

– 1.2 mΩ

  • Dimensions

– 31mm x 13mm

Additional Resources

  • If you are interested in a more in depth explanation of the ACS712 Current Sensor, all its useful features and a guide to applying this sensor into your Arduino projects, take a look at this informative ACS712 Current Sensor article by Shawn at Seed Studio

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