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Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2

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This laboratory grade Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor is a K-1 sensor for quick quality measurements of common liquids.

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Electronics Sensors are fantastic tools, modules and components that come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, with each one designed for very specific tests and measurements to ascertain precise values for precise work like chemistry, electronics or many other complex fields of expertise.

This Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2 is a laboratory grade sensor, which means that DFRobot have designed it for quick, temporary usage as opposed to 24-hour operation. This drastically cuts down on unnecessary costs for hobbyists like us, while still offering excellent measuring precision and speed, but comes at the price of users having to clean the probe after each and every use. However, this is quite a minor downside considering the price difference between this sensor and industrial grade sensors, making it the perfect solution to simple and quick tests of hydroponic or aquatic projects.

In order to ensure optimal precision for your measurements, it’s a good idea to use this electrical conductivity sensor in conjunction with a temperature sensor like our DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor. This will ensure that you can identify the corresponding electrical charge in accordance to the temperature of the liquid, offering much more accuracy and consistency through each test performed.

Please Note: The platinum sensor of this probe has a layer of platinum black on the surface, which is extremely sensitive and can become damaged with any kind of minor bump, scratch or even just a firm touch. So be sure to always keep this section of the probe safe, and avoid allowing it to touch anything, including glass or plastic containers, in order to maintain optimal electrical conductance and accurate measurements.


Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2  -  Technical Specifications:

      Signal Conversion Board (V2):

  • Input Voltage

– 3V to 5V DC                                                                 

  • Output Voltage

– 0V to 3.4V DC

  • Interfacing Connector (Probe)

– BNC Connector

  • Interfacing Connector (Controller)

– PH2.0 - 3Pin Gravity Series Connector

  • Measuring Accuracy

– ±5%

  • Dimensions

– 42 x 32mm

      Electrical Conductivity Probe:

  • Probe Type

– K=1 | Laboratory Grade

  • Cell Constant

– 1.0

  • Support Detection Range

– 0 to 20mS/cm

  • Recommended Detection Range

– 1 to 15mS/cm

  • Ideal Temperature Range

– 0 to 40°C

  • Expected Probe Lifetime

– Half a Year with Frequent Use

  • Cable Length

– 100cm


Parts Included with the Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2:

  • 1 x Electrical Conductivity Probe
  • 1 x Signal Conversion Board V2                                        
  • 2 x Standard Buffer Solution 1413µS/cm
  • 2 x Waterproof Gasket
  • 2 x Standard Buffer Solution 12.88mS/cm
  • 1 x Screw Cap for BNC Connector
  • 1 x Gravity Analog Sensor Cable
  • 4 x M3x10 Nylon Pillars + 8 x M3x5 Screws


Typical Applications for the Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2:

This Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor is a K=1 type sensor, which means it is primarily made for measuring common liquids, with the K=0.1 sensors made to measure clean water, while the K=10 sensors are made for salt-water. As such, this sensor is designed for measuring liquids that have relatively common attributes, without being too pure or carrying too many contaminants or ionic compounds, as this will not only protect the sensor from unnecessary damage, but will also ensure optimal accuracy for the measurements too.

As a final note, because these sensors are laboratory grade and not industrial, it’s imperative that users clean the probe after each use and never leave the probe in solution for extended periods of time. Extended use and neglected cleaning practices will decrease the lifespan and accuracy of these sensors as the platinum black layer slowly degrades, although under normal intended use these sensors can last for as long as a full year depending on how often they are used.


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Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2

Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor V2

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