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SEN0161 PH Sensor V1.1 - Arduino Compatible



The SEN0161 pH Sensor V1.0 by DFRobot is Arduino Compatible, and allows you to measure precise pH levels of acidic, alkaline and neutral solutions.

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The SEN0161 pH Sensor V1.1 is an electronics module designed to measure the levels of acidity and alkalinity in liquid solutions, and offers a truly easy way to measure pH levels compared to analogue Measuring Tools of the past. Instead of mixing a small amount of liquid into a prepared solution and watching the colour change, you can simply insert the end of this sensor into the solution and quickly identify the pH level within less than a minute.

The Sensor Module comes in two parts, with the primary part being the actual sensor, and the secondary part being the little circuit board that translates the electrical signals into legible data. The board is also Arduino compatible, which allows you to easily turn that collected data into information that can be read and understood by us humans. And rather than having to fiddle with mixing various solutions to exact measurements, or having to identify whether the result is closer to a Yellow or an Orange, this sensor offers consistently accurate results without even having to extract any of the acidic or alkaline liquids.


Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • pH Measuring Range

– 0 to 14

  • pH Measuring Accuracy

– ±0.1pH (@25°C)

  • pH Measuring Response Time

– ≤1 minute

  • pH Measurement Gain

– Onboard Potentiometer

  • Operating Temperature Range

– 0° to 60°C

  • Ideal Measuring Temperature

– +25°C

  • Onboard Interface

– PH2.0

  • Status Indicators

– 1 x Power On

  • BNC Connector Cable Length

– 660mm

  • Dimensions

– 43 x 32mm


Typical Applications for the SEN0161 Arduino Compatible pH Sensor V1.1:

Because the SEN0161 pH Sensor V1.1 is Arduino Compatible, it is extremely easy to use with a wide range of guides, pre-packaged code libraries, example sketches and various forum community members ready to help. This makes it ideal for a Maker of almost any skill level to utilise to measure pH levels with precision, which is critical if you are building your own Batteries, submerging electronics in passive cooling liquid solutions, or for almost any other application in which the pH level is important.

Additionally, because this sensor module is digital, it can also be integrated into Electronics projects in order to continuously measure the pH level of a solution and adjust the pH levels automatically by adding acidic or alkaline compounds. This is ideal for projects like brewing or chemistry, in which pH levels need to stay at exact levels for various reaction to take place, making it an invaluable tool for a wide range of hobbyist, professional and industrial applications.

Just remember that you will have to clean it off with pure or deionised water in order to reset the sensing accuracy after use, although this is far easier and less wasteful than the old analogue pH sensing tools.

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SEN0161 PH Sensor V1.1 - Arduino Compatible

SEN0161 PH Sensor V1.1 - Arduino Compatible