Lightning Sensor - 40km Range Expand

Lightning Sensor - 40km Range

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This little Arduino and Pi compatible Lightning Sensor can accurately measure lightning and thunderstorms up to 40km away – indoor and outdoor.

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As Electronics enthusiasts and tinkerers, it’s no secret that lightning is a somewhat daunting phenomenon, which could strike at almost any unexpected time to completely ruin whatever electronics projects in the making. Fortunately, this small disaster is now completely avoidable with the Lightning Sensor from DFRobot, which offers lightning detection up to a 40km range in all directions, with a 21bit resolution so you can identify how far away the lightning strikes are with high precision.

Although some people may ponder about the value of this sensor, given the fact that we can hear lightning and we can manually time it according to the time difference between the light and sound produced, the truth is that sometimes lightning can be quite inaudible if there are other sounds like traffic or harsh winds. Additionally, there may be other times in which you aren’t in the same location of the electronics you want to protect, and in such times, you need a reliable system that can act appropriately when lightning gets too close, to keep your valuable circuitry safe from unnecessary damage.


DFRobot Lightning Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 3.3V to 5.5V DC                                                       

  • Maximum Detection Range

– 40km

  • Distance Detection Resolution

– 1 to 4km

  • Intensity Detection Resolution

– 21 bits, i.e. 0 to 16777201

  • Sensor IC

– AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor

  • I2C Address

– Three Options: 0x03, 0x02, 0x01

  • Interface

– Gravity I2C (logic level: 0 to VCC)

  • Dimensions

– 30 x 22mm


Parts Included with the DFRobot Lightning Sensor:

  • DFRobot Lightning Sensor Module
  • 2 Pin Black Header (With Solder Tails)
  • Gravity-4P I2C / UART Sensor Wire


Typical Applications for the 40km Range DFRobot Lightning Sensor: 

While a lot people may simply assume that this Lightning Sensor from DFRobot is a tool designed for safety, it can actually also be used for a range of exciting projects too, such as lightning photography. This is because, at the moment that the lightning strikes, the interrupt pin IRQ will generate a pulse, and this pulse can then be used to activate specific components, Modules, software applications or consumer electronics like cameras.

So it’s time to get that old camera out of the cupboard and set it up for some exciting Lightning Photography, or consider taking this idea even further and fitting a range of different Sensors, modules or other Electronics Components to react in whatever way you want whenever lightning strikes, with different actions depending on how far away the lightning is striking. In fact, because these sensors can use three different I2C addresses, you could even have various mini weather stations taking readings, so as to triangulate precisely where the storm is, and track the location as it travels.


Additional Resources:


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Lightning Sensor - 40km Range

Lightning Sensor - 40km Range

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