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The MPX5500DP Pressure Sensor is a differential transducer that measures the difference of two separate pressures and outputs analog signal accordingly.

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The MPX5500DP Pressure Sensor is a differential transducer that utilises the micromovements of thin silicone film to identify the difference between two different pressures. It houses the MPX5500D sensor with an isolated chamber on each side, allowing you to connect up two different pressure sources, or simply utilise ambient pressure through one while measuring another. This unit then outputs basic analog signals between 0.2V and 4.7V in proportion to the pressure difference, making it simple to use and easy to read if you already know one of the pressures – such as ambient environment pressure.

Although it’s not recommended to use this pressure sensor for liquid applications, like the 1.2mPa Pressure Sensor that we stock, it is very accurate for measuring air and gases. This is due to the highly sensitive components within the MPX5500DP, such as the thin nitride layer that protects the strain gauge and electronics, which can break down or get damaged when exposed to water or corrosive fluids. However, this unit is highly effective at measuring gas pressures, and can also act as a simple gauge pressure sensor if port 2 is left disconnected from any particular source.


Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.75V - 5.25V DC

  • Output Voltage

– 0.2V - 4.7V

  • Operating Current

– 7mA

  • Output Current

– 0.1mA

  • Operating Pressure

– 72.5 PSI (500 kPa)

  • Maximum Pressure

– 406.11 PSI (2800 kPa)

  • Pressure Type

– Differential

  • Operating Temperature

– -40° to 125°C

  • Accuracy

– 2.5%

  • Mounting Style

– Through Hole

  • Sensor Model

– MPX5500

  • Response Rate

– 1ms

  • Start-up Time

– 20ms

  • Port Type

– Dual Radial Barbed

  • Port Size

– 4.93mm

  • Weight

– ±5g


Typical Applications for the Pressure Sensor MPX5500DP:

The MPX5500DP Pressure Sensor is housed within the 867C Case, which is what allows two different sources to act upon each side of the disk-like sensor. This enables the unit to be used for applications such as:

  • Reading the pressure difference of the air within an aircraft compared to the pressure outside at high altitudes.
  • Identifying the pressure within vehicle engine parts like boost units so as to try and improve performance through tweaking.
  • Measuring the output pressure of a compressor or similar type of device or machine.

This MPX5500DP is a simple but effective pressure sensor that can help you quickly identify constant or changing pressures, and can be used for a wide of different applications involving gas or air pressure. If you’re looking for a pressure sensor to measure liquids, however, feel free to look at our Pressure Sensors Category.

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Pressure Sensor MPX5500DP

Pressure Sensor MPX5500DP