Serial Controlled 20x4 Char Blue LCD - Cover Expand

Serial Controlled I2C 20x4 2004 Character LCD - White on Blue



This 20x4 Char Blue LCD module is serial controlled via an included I2C Bus, offering impressive functionality despite the low port count.

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive but surprisingly versatile ways to add a display to your electronics or Arduino projects, but have been running into the common problem of having not enough ports on your controller, this Serial Controlled 20x4 Char Blue LCD may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. By using an I2C Bus, which is included with this LCD module, you can serialise the incoming instructions and vastly reduce the number of ports required to control the display, allowing you to maximise project functionality or even control multiple Display Modules simultaneously from a single controller.

This J204A LCD module is relatively small in size, but offers four lines of 20 characters worth of display space, with each character being comprised of 5x8 pixels and the ability to display foreign characters as well as standard numbers, symbols and English characters. Controlling this module is also relatively easy compared to non-serialised LCD Modules, and simply requires the SDA and SCL ports on the I2C bus in conjunction with the Arduino Libraries at the bottom of this description. This makes it not only highly-functional, but also simple to use even for beginners, making it a surprisingly valuable module for Makers despite the low price.


Serial Controlled 20x4 Char Blue LCD  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Display Type                        


  • Display Colours

– White on Blue

  • Display Resolution

– 20 x 4 Characters (5 x 8 Pixels Per Character)

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Dimensions

– 98 x 60 x 14mm


Serial Controlled 20x4 Char Blue LCD  -  Pin Mapping:

  • Pin 1:  VSS                                   

– Power Negative (Source)

  • Pin 2:  VDD

– Power Positive (Drain)

  • Pin 3:  VL

– Liquid Crystal Display Bias (Contrast Adjust)

  • Pin 4:  RS

– Data/Command (High = Data | Low = Instruction)

  • Pin 5:  R/W

– Read/Write (High = Read | Low = Write)

  • Pin 6:  E

– End Signal (LCD Module Executive Order)

  • Pin 7 to 14 : D0 to D7

– 8 Total Data Pins

  • Pin 15:  BLA

– Backlight Power Positive

  • Pin 16:  BLK

– Backlight Power Negative


I2C Bus (Serial Converter Board)  -  Pin Mapping:

  • GND Pin                    

– Ground

  • VCC Pin

– Power

  • SDA Pin

– Serial Data Line (Open-Drain Line)

  • SCL Pin

– Serial Clock Line (Open-Drain Line)


Additional Resources:


9LCD20045V - J204A Instructions

9LCD20045V - J204A Module Instructions

Download (211.22k)

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Serial Controlled I2C 20x4 2004 Character LCD - White on Blue

Serial Controlled I2C 20x4 2004 Character LCD - White on Blue