Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD 220x176 ILI9225 - Cover Expand

Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD 220x176 ILI9225



This Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD 220x176 ILI9225 is an inexpensive but versatile display module with an integrated serial SPI interface.

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This little 220x176 ILI9225 2.2” Graphical Colour TFT LCD is a great little module that uses a serial SPI interface to act as a functional display for a wide range of different Electronics and Arduino projects. The usability is relatively simple despite having advanced features, and the module can be controlled with just a few IO’s. It is 2.2” large, with a resolution of 220x176, with an included SD card slot for easily moving or analysing files on the go.

The LCD has a wide viewing angle, with a contrast that’s suitable for almost any typical application. The module offers an 11pin interface, but can be controlled entirely via just 5 wires – CS, RS, SCL, SDA and RST. The SD card uses a hardware SPI interface with CS, MOSI, MISO and SCK, meaning you don’t have to rely on solder pins and can instead just quickly plug in and operate it without any extra modifications.


Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD  -  Technical Specifications:

  • SDO                             

– Serial Clock Output

  • SCL

– Serial Clock Input


– Serial Data Input

  • DC

– Data / Command Selection

  • CS

– Chip Selection, Low Level Active

  • RST

– Reset, Low Level Active

  • LED

– 3.3V IO and Power Supply Pin

  • VDD33

– 3.3V Power Supply Pin

  • GND

– Ground


Typical Applications for these Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD Displays:

This Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD 220x176 ILI9225 is a module that is capable of so much more than one would expect, and the simple usability enables it to be effective within a variety of different Electronics, Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects. Some of the projects that customers have utilised this Electronic Module for include:

  • Building a custom cell phone or small gaming device to make phone calls or load various ROM games on.
  • Testing and experimenting with various other electronics modules, with a display to show you precise values, graphs or details about the project you’re working on.
  • Creating a little custom video or image slideshow player, possibly connected to an alarm or similar device, to display fun graphics or images when it’s time to get up in the morning.

These are just a few of the fun projects that electronics Makers have enjoyed with this module, but of course these projects only scratch the surface when considering that this display can also show oscilloscope graphs and other more complex details. It is also very affordable when compared to similar modules, making it a great investment for any Maker who enjoys playing with, experimenting with or simply enjoying various electronics, Arduino Board or Raspberry Pi projects.


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Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD 220x176 ILI9225

Graphical Colour 2.2” TFT LCD 220x176 ILI9225