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LCD Character Display 20x4 2004 - White on Blue

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This LCD display has 20 characters x 4 Lines (2004) with white text on a blue LED backlit background.

It has an HD44780 equivalent LCD Controller with 5V Operation.

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This LCD 20x4 White on Blue Display is a small rectangular screen capable of displaying up to 20 characters and 4 lines in alphanumerical or Japanese Kana characters natively – with space for up to 8 extra characters or symbols or “Foreign characters” of your choice as well. It can be controlled via 6 digital or analog inputs, and can be operated from either a 4-bit or an 8-bit microprocessor, making it ideal for small projects which require their own Independent Visual Interfaces.

One of the unique benefits of this LCD is that it utilizes a single LED backlight that can be dimmed with a resistor or PWM, making it far more energy-efficient than EL or electroluminescent backlights. This, in addition to the very simple and easy-to-understand circuitry, makes it a valuable addition to both beginners’ and veterans’ projects – since it offers exceptional functionality without being overly complicated, energy-hungry, or hard to integrate into a project.

Another unique feature is that this display utilises an HD44780 equivalent controller unit, so that in addition to the standard 20x4 lines of characters, it can also display either a 208 character 5x8 matrix or a 32 character 5x10 matrix as well. And rather than simply having characters on the screen, you can display cool graphics like a battery-indicator, arrows or any other imagery that you want to manually design. This, in addition to the 9,920-bit character generator ROM and 240 character fonts, make this LCD surprisingly versatile in its display functionality - especially for the low price.

And finally, just to add the sweet little cherry on top, this LCD display can also be used in conjunction with the IIC/I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module, which is capable of taking serial input and translating it into parallel input, utilising dramatically fewer pins to achieve the same or possibly even more efficient results.


White on Blue 20x4 LCD Display  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 2.7V to 5.5V DC                                                                  

  • Controller

– HD44780 Equivalent

  • MPU Interface

– 4-bit and 8-bit

  • Display RAM Capacity

– 80 x 8-bit Characters

  • Number of Lines

– 4

  • Number of Characters

– 20 Per Line

  • Number of Characters (Dot Matrix 5x8 Mode)

– 208

  • Number of Characters (Dot Matrix 5x10 Mode)

– 32

  • Font Options

– 240


Typical Applications for these White on Blue 20x4 LCD Displays:

With all of the features mentioned above, it’s easy to see why this LCD 20x4 White on Blue Display can be utilized for a wide range of different projects. It’s main functionality, however, is to display four lines of up to 20 characters and to give small Arduino projects portability and independence from other devices. As such, this display has been used for projects like:

  • Building a display for proximity sensors on a vehicle, with a bar to show how close or far away from objects the sensor is.
  • Making a piggy bank that tracks and displays the amount of collected spare change, with an alarm and graphics to tell you when it’s getting full.
  • Designing a weather tracker that displays the current temperature, humidity and amount of sunlight – and possibly even opens or closes the windows for you.

Whether your project simply requires a small amount of text when a button is pressed or if it needs to constantly display real-time stats, the HD44780 LCD 20x4 White on Blue Display is the ideal choice in terms of value for money. Additionally, this LCD is included in our Arduino Kits, which provide a great starting toolbox for a beginner, or can add to the ever-growing toolbox of a veteran Maker.



Good basic display module

Not much to say here. They work, and work well. Used with an I2C module and they work as expected. Much cheaper (R99 when i purchased) than other local suppliers I could find, so very happy with my purchase

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