Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 7.5m Expand

Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 7.5m



These 7.5m spools of 10-25L 2.5mm Solderwick Chem-Wik are designed to make desoldering easy, with an all-copper residue-free braiding.

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Soldering is a fun hobby that allows you to build your own circuits and install various Electronics Components onto PCB’s, but can become messy at times with small mistakes leading to blobs of solder randomly placed around the board. Fortunately, these mistakes can be easily fixed with Soldering Braid like these 7.5m Spools of 2.5mm 10-25L Solderwick Chem-Wik, which are designed to absorb melted solder and pull it up into a copper wick for easy disposal.

Because of the 2.5mm width of the braiding, it is suggested to utilise this solderwick for solder pads, joints and points that have a similar or smaller size. This way, you can be sure that the wick has more than enough capacity to absorb all of the melted solder. It will also help to reduce any potential heat damage that might be transferred from the Soldering Iron into the components, all while saving time and effort compared to many other “desoldering” techniques.

This spool, despite being white in actual colour, is designed to the “Blue” standard, and utilises non-corrosive organic R-Type rosin that does not leave any residue. This is a fantastic feature, as it means no residue or corrosive fluids will be left on the PCB or solder joints, saving you the time and effort that would typically be required to clean off chemical additives or rosin residues left by other desoldering techniques.


Chem-Wik 10-25L Solderwick  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length

– 7.5m

  • Width

– 2.5mm

  • Braid Material

– Copper

  • Flux Type

– Rosin: Grade WW / Type “R”

  • Series

– Chem-Wik Blue Series

  • Standard Shelf Life

– 2 Years

  • Post-Cleaning

– Not Necessary


Typical Applications for 10-25L Chem-Wik Solderwick:

These 7.5m Spools of 2.5mm 10-25L Chem-Wik Solderwick are a safe, easy and extremely convenient way to remove Soldering Wire from joints or to repair messy solder-work. The copper braiding is made entirely from copper, with a completely organic R-type rosin that leaves no residues or mess. Whether you are brand new to Soldering or are a veteran in the field of building circuits and soldering components, this Chem-Wik Solderwick is a somewhat universal size that can be used for a wide range of solder pads, terminals and joints.


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Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 7.5m

Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 7.5m