Nylon Cable Ties with Tags - 10 Pack Expand

Nylon Cable Ties with Tags - 10 Pack

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These helpful little Nylon Cable Ties feature Tags that can be written or printed on, or decorated in unique ways for easy identification.

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Cable ties are a great way to keep untidy cables and wires out of the way in Electronics projects, but very often these cable ties are simply plain, without any identifying traits to remind you of what cables they might be holding. Now, while you could always just make your own tags or wrap little coloured wires around certain ties to distinguish them from the rest, this is a somewhat inefficient way of labelling, and can still lead to mistakes that could be costly or potentially dangerous depending on what you’re working on.

For these key reasons above, we’ve made a hard effort to source some great quality Nylon Cable Ties with Tags, which come in 10 Packs and feature a 13x20mm white tag above the fastening head. This tag can be written on, drawn upon, or even decorated with glitter if that’s what you’re into, ensuring that you can label and identify cables with precision, and with your own personal naming convention that you’re sure not to mix up. In fact, we’ve even used these tagged Cable Ties for small gardening projects and basic DIY as well, and we must say that we are quite impressed with the convenience factor that simple little tags add.


Nylon Cable Ties with Tags - 10 Pack  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Ties

– 10

  • Tie Type

– Self-locking

  • Tie Material

– Nylon

  • Tie Colour

– Nylon / Transparent White

  • Width

– 2.5mm

  • Length

– 110mm (Including Tag)

  • Tag Dimensions

– 13 x 20mm


Please Note: This pack of ten tags is sold as a single unit, and pricing is reference to the entire pack of 10 nylon tags.


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Nylon Cable Ties with Tags - 10 Pack

Nylon Cable Ties with Tags - 10 Pack

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