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Mosquito Silicone Boot Insulator

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The Mosquito Silicone Boot gives your Mosquito hotend them new treads, replacing the silicone sock with a high temperature insulator for your heater block.

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If the boot fits, wear it! We were pleasantly surprised to see silicone socks have been replaced with the new arrive of the Mosquito Silicone Boot for Mosquito hotends. Many Makers have enjoyed the benefits of silicone socks for a long time. This rubber insulator fits snugly around the heater block in your hotend assembly. Reducing heat loss dramatically, these silicone insulators also protect the hot block from dirt and plastic debris that tends to stick onto it during printing. Now, the team at Slice Engineering have gone one step further with their own high-grade design that is the Mosquito Silicone Boot.

Socks are usually such flimsy things, prone to falling off or tearing under stress, but the Mosquito Silicone Boot is made with studier stuff, ready to provide more surprising benefits. Slice Engineering created the Mosquito Silicone Boot to withstand high temperatures of 290°C and remain hooked into place with spring loaded material. Air cavities are speckled throughout the Mosquito Silicone Boot to allow optimal insulation and resistance to tearing from the strain of 3D printing. The greatest advantage of a great insulator like the Mosquito Silicone Boot is that it helps to prevent heat loss caused by the part cooling fan. This enables you to crank that fan up to max for tall, thin prints, so that they can quickly solidify and gain structural stability while printing.


Please Note: These Mosquito Silicone Boots are designed to fit the original Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum Hotend Assemblies, but if you’re looking for a silicone insulator for a printer with a different style hotend, be sure to check out our Silicone Sock Insulators too.

Mosquito Silicone Boot Insulator - Technical Specifications:

  • Boot Material

– Silicone

  • Heater Block Compatibility                              

Mosquito Hot Block

  • Hotend Compatibility

Mosquito Hotend Original | Mosquito Magnum

  • Temperature Resistance

– 290°C

  • Additional Features

– Thickly moulded with internal air cavities for thermal insulation and tear resistance

– Spring loaded for secure attachment to the hot block

– Includes finger grips for easy removal

– Coated for effectively repelling plastic

  • Weight

– 6g

  • Dimensions

– 8x4x2cm

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Mosquito Silicone Boot Insulator

Mosquito Silicone Boot Insulator