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LCD Display Protective Glass for DLP 3D Printers



Keep the LCD Masking Display on your DLP 3D Printer safe from scratches and other wear with these Protective Tempered Glass Films.

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If you have been one of the few Makers who have taken the lead in adopting DLP Printing tech’, then you may be able to appreciate the fine intricacies of printing with 3D Resins. However, these fine intricacies are often what makes DLP Printing such a challenge, and while the challenges presented are not overwhelming, they can become frustrating over time. One such challenge in this regard is first-layer adhesion, which is arguably a lot more difficult in DLP than with FDM, since if it not perfect your print can easily just fall off of the platform halfway through the process. And sometimes, even though you may try everything to get that first layer to stick effectively, it simply will not stick, leaving you with half-finished prints and an annoying amount of wasted resin.

However, what many people may not realise is that this can often be caused by tiny little micro-scratches on the surface of the LCD protector, which ever-so-slightly distorts the light being shone through, resulting in slightly patchy light-projecting that may not hit the entire surface area of the bottom layer. This results in small parts of the first layer not adhering properly to the build plate, which then creates weaknesses in the first-layer adhesion, and ends up with your print falling off and taking a resin-bath. This is why we’re made sure to source and stock these sheets of LCD Display Protective Glass for DLP 3D Printers, so that you can replace your LCD protector with relative ease, and get back to printing successfully with effective first-layer adhesion that you can rely on. It is made from strong, transparent and smooth tempered glass, with a hard border around the edge that perfectly matches the original LCD protector. This keeps your LCD safe from unnecessary damage, and acts as a “grenade-jumper” of sorts that can take the slight scratches and damage instead of your actual LCD, with a relatively inexpensive cost to replace compared to the LCD unit.

LCD Display Protective Glass - Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– Protective Tempered Glass Film                   

  • Protector

– LCD Display on DLP Printers

  • Dimensions (Full Size)

– 153x80mm

  • Dimensions (Protection Area)
– 121x68mm

Typical Applications for LCD Display Protective Glass for DLP Printers:

If you love to DLP Print but find that you’re just not getting the print quality that you’re used to, and can’t figure out why, then it may definitely be time to replace the Protective Glass on your LCD. This will provide your DLP Printer with a fresh, scratch-free screen to shine that awesome UV light through without any glints, reflections or refractions from micro-scratches, resulting in better first-layer adhesion and, ultimately, more consistent quality prints each and every time. Measuring 153x80mm for 5.5" masking displays (including the black bezel around the edges), this protective pane is designed for the Wanhao D7 range of DLP Printers, although it may certainly work on other machines too, as long as the sizes match up.


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LCD Display Protective Glass for DLP 3D Printers

LCD Display Protective Glass for DLP 3D Printers