MK7/MK8 Heat Sink Expand

MK7/MK8 Heat Sink



This MK7/MK8 Heat Sink for 40mm NEMA 17 is designed with 12mm centre hole to accommodate the motor axis while offering effective heat dispersion.

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This MK7/MK8 Heat Sink is a unique unit when compared to the plethora of other Heatsinks on the market, as it has a round space in the middle to perfectly fit into the precise location where it can be most effective. Designed to be used with MK7 and MK8 3D Printers, this heatsink allows for space for the motor axis while offering excellent heat dispersion properties.

The unit’s dimensions are 40x40mm, with 11m height, and the centre hole is 12mm in diameter. It also has two mounting holes of 3mm each, which are located along one side of the heatsink. These line up perfectly with the mounting holes on the 3D printer to avoid confusion during installation, ensuring that even beginners can install this unit onto a NEMA 17 Stepper Motor without stressing about whether they’ve done it correctly – or whether the motor is going to overheat.


MK7/MK8 Heat Sink  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length

– 40mm

  • Width

– 40mm

  • Height

– 11mm

  • Centre Hole Diameter

– 12mm

  • Mounting Holes

– 3mm (x 2)                    

  • Colour

– Black


Typical Applications for the MK7/MK8 Heat Sink:

The MK7/MK8 Heat Sink is a specially designed part, made specifically to fit the MK7 and MK8 3D printers. It has a 12mm centre hole to accommodate for the motor axis rod, with two mounting holes to easily align the heatsink with the stepper motor. Although this sink can be used for other projects, the hole in the centre means that it may not offer the same efficiency when used in other applications.


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MK7/MK8 Heat Sink

MK7/MK8 Heat Sink