5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay Expand

5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay



This 5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay is a Normally Open unit, to be integrated into a project for safer, more reliable high-current circuit control.

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When prototyping your own circuits, there may come a time in which you need a reliable relay, but don’t want to purchase entire Modules. For such times, our 5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay is ideal for integrating into a project, and can be utilized for whichever application you need within a single circuit or multiple coupled circuits. This unit is Normally Open comes individually, without a PCB, resistors or headers of any type. Instead, it is a discrete component that you can install yourself, which of course means that you can use it in whichever way you want to.

Typically, relays are used to ensure that users and components remain safe from high current leakages or faults, and isolate a circuit from both the user, as well as important parts within a system. Relays like these can also be used as safety mechanisms within a system, which essentially cut off the power or disable a specific part of a system in case of fault, leakage or other dangerous incidents. This can protect important Electronics Components and ensure that the user is never exposed to potentially harmful currents or voltages.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Contact Points

– Normally Open / Common

  • Max Voltage (AC)

– 125V/12A | 250V/6A

  • Max Current

– 12A

  • Dimensions

– 18.8 x 15.2 x 15mm


Typical Uses for the 5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay:

While many of our Other Relays come as modules, attached to a PCB with all of the necessary components and connectors pre-soldered, our 5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay is a single unit which is able to be installed wherever you need it in your project. This provides diversity in functionality, as you can use it as a switch, an actuator or as a safety mechanism within a circuit. The lack of extras also means this component costs substantially less, and if you are an experienced Maker who already understands how to utilise relays effectively and safely, then this is a great investment for your home electronics projects.

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5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay

5V Switching 6A 250V AC Discrete Relay