LED 5mm Red Flashing - Opaque Lens TH Expand

LED 5mm Red Flashing - Opaque Lens, TH



These 5mm Red Flashing LEDs feature integrated components for automatically flashing, making them great for both indicator lights and decorations.

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As Makers, although we do sometimes like to build discrete projects, in which the beauty lies in the lack of wiring, modules and other bare Components, for all other times, it's great when our projects are nice and visible, allowing people to actually enjoy the complex project you've made. This is why LEDs will always have a soft spot in the hearts of every Maker, as LEDs not only offer a visual indication of what a project might be doing – think of Charging or Recording Indicators on mobile devices – but also provide some great visual effect to ensure your project is eye-catching and ready to amaze all onlookers.

Although these LEDs may look just like standard 5mm Red Opaque Lens LEDs, they are made to the same type of specification, but feature some integrated components to make them flash on and off automatically. This is great, as it makes it even more visible when used as an indicator or status light, with the flashing being far more eye-catching than a standard glow. This is also extremely handy, as it gives the extra functionality without requiring any fancy circuitry. This means that you can integrate a flashing LED with a simple switch, relay, Transistor or MOSFET, and you don’t have to add any timers or clever capacitor circuits, and can instead just use it like you would use any other LEDs.


5mm Red Flashing LED  -  Technical Specifications:

  • LED Size

– 5mm                                         

  • Diode Colour

– Red

  • Lens Colour

– Red Opaque

  • Wavelength

– 640nm

  • Forward Voltage

– 2.0V - 2.3V DC

  • Forward Current

– 10mA Recommended

– 20mA Max

  • Mounting Style

– Through-Hole


Additional Resources:

  • If you need to work out power supply requirements, this simple but Super Handy LED Calculator is ideal for quickly checking what supply you’ll need for a variety of serial and parallel configurations.


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LED 5mm Red Flashing - Opaque Lens, TH

LED 5mm Red Flashing - Opaque Lens, TH