1 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V - Cover Expand

1 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V

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This 5V Relay Module was designed to provide a safe, reliable and affordable option for Makers and hobbyists at home – Capable of controlling 10A/250V.

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This 5V Relay Module is designed by Songle with the aim of providing inexpensive but quality-focused Relays to hobbyists, Makers and general users. Despite the small size, the 1 Channel 5V Relay Module can control a separate isolated circuit of up to 10A and 250V – making it a great choice for most home project applications.

With a relay, you don’t have to stress about the dangers of high current and high voltage escaping the circuit you are controlling, as the relay provides isolation to protect both you and your low-voltage circuitry from any possible leakage. Additionally, it only requires a single input/output channel and can be operated from a wide range of different microprocessors or chip-based boards – meaning that you don’t need to have special equipment to run the relay, and can simply power and operate it with a simple circuit.


1 Channel 5V Relay Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Amount of I/O Channels

– 1                                                                           

  • Relay Switch Type

– Digital - SRD

  • Switching Capacity - CCC

– 10A/250VDC

  • Switching Capacity - UL/CUL

– 10A/125VAC 28VDC

  • Switching Capacity - TUV

– 10A/250VAC 30VDC

  • Control Signal

– TTL level

  • Status Indicators

– LED Status Lights


Typical Applications for these 1 Channel 5V Relay Modules:

Relays are most often used for projects in which a high-voltage circuit needs to be operated, but could pose a threat to users or other parts of the project via leakage or shorts. With a relay, you can keep your high-voltage circuit isolated from the rest of the project, and use the electromagnetic power of the relay to safety turn the circuit on without having any physical contact. These are most commonly used in projects like:

  • Building CNC machine operation panels, which allow users to control the machine without directly coming into contact with high current or voltage circuits.
  • As safety switches to automatically shut down operations if a short-circuit or other problem occurs.
  • Within home appliances like office and audio equipment, remote controls and monitor displays.

This relay also comes pre-packaged within our Arduino Advanced Kit, to ensure you can keep yourself and your prototyping circuits safe while experimenting with various projects at home.




Works well when interfaced with my Raspberry Pi Zero; Just remember that it is a low-level trigger on this relay, so you open the switch with a low signal and close it again with a high signal ;)

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Excellent easy to use unit

Rigged this up to manage my 3D printers. Simple to wire and work just fine on 3v. Currently controlled via a Raspberry Pi 3B running Octoprint. Great product a very affordable price point. will be getting more of these soon.

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1 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V

1 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V