GT2 Pulley -  6.35mm Bore, 20 Tooth for 6mm Belt Expand

GT2 Pulley (6.35mm Bore / 20 Tooth / 6mm Belt)



This GT2 Pulley is the perfect component to transfer rotational torque from stepper motors into linear motion along the X and Y-axis on 3D Printers.

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One of the aspects that we find most exciting about 3D Printing, aside from being able to fabricate almost anything from the comfort of your own home, is how precise they are, with each tiny part working all in unison to create a single machine that can accomplish far more than any of the parts could achieve alone. This is why we’re even excited about small components like these GT2 Pulleys, which work by translating the rotational torque of stepper motors into smooth linear motion along the X or Y-axis.

These pulleys were chosen because of their high availability and accessibility to Makers, their low cost, and their relatively simple design that ensures almost no problems even over a multi-year lifespan. They feature a 6.35mm bore, with 20 strong teeth to effectively grip GT2 Timing Belts and perfectly match the tooth profile and 6mm width. This results in a highly effective torque-to-motion translator that 3D printers then use to achieve an exceptional level of accuracy and print quality.


20 Tooth GT2 Pulley  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Tooth Profile

– GT2                                        

  • Belt Compatibility

– GT2 : 6mm Wide

  • No. of Teeth

– 20

  • Pitch of Profile

– 2mm

  • Material

– Aluminium

  • Bore

– 6.35mm

  • Grub Screw

– 2 x M3


Typical Applications for these 20 Tooth GT2 Pulleys:

These pulleys have become somewhat of an industry standard in 3D Printing, and since as far back as the original Prusa printers these pulleys have been used in conjunction with stepper motors to effectively control the X and Y-axis. They are the perfect fit to convert the rotational torque from Stepper Motors into linear motion with precision accuracy, and within a 3D printer they help to move the bed carriage forwards and backwards, as well as to move the hotend assembly sideways along the X-axis. This accuracy is important, as most 3D Printers don’t have visual sensors to identify whether the nozzle and bed is positioned in the perfect place, so it has to rely on parts that move in very specific, pre-planned ways in order to ensure it’s always laying filament in the right place.


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GT2 Pulley (6.35mm Bore / 20 Tooth / 6mm Belt)

GT2 Pulley (6.35mm Bore / 20 Tooth / 6mm Belt)