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NEMA 17 Stepper Motor (1.68A , 4.2 kg-cm)


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This NEMA 17 stepper motor is rather special! While the usual stepper motor you will find is 1.8° per step or 200steps/rev this particular motor is TWICE that resolution at 0.9° per step or 400step/rev. Now usually an increase in resolution results in a decrease in torque but this motor has a longer case length than normal (48mm vs 40mm) which results in the same torque as our smaller 200step/rev motor!

Now what is the advantage of this you say? Well on a 3D printer and other devices the stepper motor driver usually 'microsteps' where it partially drives both coils in the motor to achieve smaller steps in between the usual motor steps. If for example you are using 16 microsteppings your 200step/rev motor becomes a 16*200 = 3200step/rev motor! AMAZING! However, there is as always a catch: this comes at a cost of both torque (you don't get full motor holding torque in microsteps) and accuracy (the microsteps are not repeatable divisions). BUT WAIT! There's more! If you use a 400step/rev motor like this one, with only 8 microsteppings you get: 8*400 = 3200step/rev same as before! only now your microsteps are more accurate and have more torque ;)

We recommend using this motor for your X and Y axis on your printer only. The extra accuracy is overkill for the Z axis(if driving by threaded rod / lead screw) and a geared extruder. Remember to halve your microsteppings on your motor driver with this motor and note that the motor driver will have to work a little harder than usual. Also note that most REPRAP electronics such as RAMPS 1.4 are only fast enough to drive this motor at 8x microstepping NOT 16x.

This is a high quality, high torque bi-polar(2 coils / 4 wires) stepper motor.

  • Step Angle ( ° )
  • Motor Length  L(mm)
  • Rated Voltage (V)
  • Rated Current (A)
  • Phase Resistance (Ω)
  • Phase Inductance (mH)
  • Holding Torque (
  • Number of Lead Wires (NO.)
  • Rotor Inertia (g. cm2)
  • Detent Torque (
  • Motor Weight (kg)
  • Shaft Diameter





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NEMA 17 Stepper Motor (1.68A , 4.2 kg-cm)

NEMA 17 Stepper Motor (1.68A , 4.2 kg-cm)

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