New Delrin Dual V-Wheel - With 625ZZ Bearing - Cover Expand

Delrin Dual V-Wheel - With 625ZZ Bearing



These Delrin Dual V-Wheels are equipped with 625ZZ Bearings for easy and effective linear motion along modular extrusions like V-Slot and MakerSlide.

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If you’re a DIY Enthusiast and love building your very own projects from nothing but parts, then you will be able to understand precisely why Aluminium Extrusions are so cool, as they allow you to create entire DIY structures from nothing but loose parts and some Fastening Elements. However, if you want to use these structures for applications like linear motion, such as building camera dollies or a self-organising shelves, then you’re going to need more than just extrusions, nuts and bolts, and for these applications you will need reliable Idler Wheels like these Delrin Dual V-Wheels with 625ZZ Bearings.

These Dual V-Wheel Idlers are made from Acetal, or Delrin, which is an extremely strong plastic composite with exceptional durability, and they allow you to install parts and components onto your DIY structures that can move smoothly along linear planes. This is ideal for a wide range of applications, with CNC Machines and 3D Printers being popular choices in this regard, allowing Makers to simply install a custom mounting bracket onto an aluminium extrusion like V-Slot or MakerSlide, and then use these in conjunction with belts, pulleys and motors for all kinds of automation and mechanically operated linear motion.


Delrin Dual V-Wheel  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– Delrin (Acetal)                                          

  • Extrusion Compatibility

– V-Slot | MakerSlide

  • Included Bearing

– 625ZZ / 625-2RS

  • Compressive Strength

– 63MPa

  • Rockwell Hardness

– M80

  • Outer Diameter

– 23.9mm

  • Inner Diameter

– 16mm

  • Thickness

– 10.23mm


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Delrin Dual V-Wheel - With 625ZZ Bearing

Delrin Dual V-Wheel - With 625ZZ Bearing