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Ceramic Radial Ball Bearing - 608



These 608 Ceramic Radial Ball Bearings are widely popular for fidget spinners and general projects requiring a high speed bearings.

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This 608 Ceramic Ball Bearing is a specialised kind of bearing that utilises ceramics instead of standard metals like aluminium. This offers an even low friction co-efficient than many of the other Radial Bearings that we offer, but can be a lot more sensitive to impacts and tearing stresses than all-metal variations. Because of these features, ceramic bearings are great for making gadgets like fidget spinners and other desktop toys, as such projects are unlikely to subject the bearings to high-intensity wear and tear.


Ceramic Radial Ball Bearing - 608  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Frame Material

– Ceramic                      

  • Colour

– White

  • Weight

– 12g


Typical Applications for Ceramic 608 Radial Ball Bearings:

While these bearings are typically recommended for low-intensity projects, for an experienced bearing user these ceramic bearings could be the ideal solution to a wide range of different projects. And while they do offer less resistance to operational damage, they also offer better performance when utilised in the right way and for the right projects. If you’re unsure of whether these bearings are good for your project or not, consider looking through our Bearings category to see which other bearings we have in stock.


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Ceramic Radial Ball Bearing - 608

Ceramic Radial Ball Bearing - 608