Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 2Pin Expand

Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 2Pin



These Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 2Pin jumper wires are great for prototyping and electronics, to connect 2-pin male headers to 2-pin female sockets.

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When prototyping electronics projects, Jumper Wires like these female to male 32cm 2Pin Dupont Cables are one of the easiest ways to connect components together. Compatible with most standard breadboards, these cables are capable of simply plugging into a wide range of components, to form semi-permanent connections without the need for solder.

These cables are often used with Arduino Boards and similar types of components, and are ideal for Prototyping due to the way that they can be plugged in or removed as necessary. This allows Makers to prototype a project without having to commit to permanent connections, before deciding on a final design and creating permanent, soldered connections between the Electronics Components.


32cm 2Pin - Dupont Cable F/M  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Types

– Female / Male

  • Number of Pins

– 2

  • Wire Gauge

– 26 AWG

  • Cable Length

– 32cm


Typical Applications for these 32cm 2Pin F/M Dupont Cables:

Within prototyping and electronics design, these 32cm 2Pin F/M Dupont Cables are an excellent choice during the design phase, as the can be easily installed or removed as the need arises. This helps Makers avoid big mistakes, as the connections they form are not permanent, but rather temporary connections that can be moved or changed as the design goes forward. If you are big into prototyping, or are simply just looking for easy connectors for a wide range of electronics projects, these cables are a great choice.

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Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 2Pin

Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 2Pin