SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure – 650x550x750mm Expand

SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure – 650x550x750mm

SunLu SunLu



Keep a constant printing temperature and print advanced filaments like ABS with the SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure, sized 650x550x750mm for Ender 3 Series printers.

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3D printer enclosures are one of the first accessories 3D Makers look for when it comes time to experiment with more advanced Maker projects. While fantastic printers of standard materials, many of our favourite 3D printers are open-air and exposed to any indoor breezes or dust particles.  This might be fine for printing the likes of PLA, but 3D filaments like ABS, polycarbonate and others won’t stand for these conditions. More advanced filaments need a constant temperature and protection to avoid outside forces ruining your prints. Fortunately, the SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure is very effective at keeping temperatures in, portable, and can be moved from machine to machine depending on what you need at the time.

This SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure is sized 650x550x750mm for easily accommodating popular Creality Ender 3 series printers, like the Ender 3 S1, Ender 3 Pro, and even the Ender 5. In fact, many 235x235mm build-sized printers may easily snug inside this fantastic enclosure. Made from nice, high-quality materials, these SunLu 3D Printer Enclosures are naturally fire-retardant, waterproof, and dustproof. The quick-assemble frame consists of stable fiberglass rods, leaving plenty room inside for your 3D printer. Start taking on those trickier filaments like ABS, Nylons and even Polycarbonate – all of which require enclosed printing environments to print effectively without curling or warping.

In addition to offering notable 3D printing advantages, the other benefits of these SunLu 3D Printer Enclosures include a reduction in noise during printing, and an assortment of handy pockets and ports. A large transparent window in front lets you observe your print as it builds. A small access patch lets you make quick tweaks without too much heat loss and a large pocket on the other side helps store your printer tools. The SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure is an easy upgrade for your 3D printer setup.


SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure – Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • 3D Printer Compatibility


– Ender 3 | Ender 3 Pro | Ender 3 V2

Ender 3 S1 | Ender 3 S1 PRO

– Ender 5 | Ender 7

– Kobra | Mega Pro | Naptune 3

  • Material Composition (Tent)

– Waterproof Glass Fabric

– Inner Aluminium Film (600°C -800°C Resistant)

  • Material Composition (Frame)

– Fiberglass Rods & Corner Brackets

  • Extra Features

– Transparent Viewing Window

– Handy Tool Pouch

– Side-Access Window

– Insulated Power Cord Hole

  • Dimensions

– 650x550x750mm


Typical Applications for SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure:

This SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure is a great investment for anyone who loves 3D printing and wants to go further in their 3D making, as it opens up fresh new possibilities for printing in awesome polymers that are typically out-of-reach for open-air 3D printers. Not only does it offer the awesome features mentioned above, but it also offers some extra features focused on convenience too, such as a handy tool-holder pouch on the side, a useful viewing windows for monitoring your print, as well as some nice little cable feed holes for easy cable management – all of which are designed to help you enjoy a better overall 3D printing experience regardless of what polymers you’re printing!

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SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure – 650x550x750mm

SunLu 3D Printer Enclosure – 650x550x750mm

Although it may not be a popular brand here in SA (yet!), many 3D Makers will recognise the name SunLu, as these fantastic 3D Filament Makers have been involved in 3D Printing since as far back as 2013, specialising in affordability & accessibility, but placing a strong focus on R&D & bringing new materials to the market for 3D Makers to enjoy.

From the classic PLA & ABS range through to the more exotic styles like PETG & TPU, as well as what we like to call Semi-Exotics like Marble & Twinkling Filament, SunLu has garnered a lot of experience in the world of 3D Filaments, & have one of the most comprehensive catalogues that the Hobbyist 3D Printing world has ever seen. This gives them a good spot amongst the leaders in 3D Filaments, & while they may not quite match the premium quality of Fillamentum & other high class brands, the affordability & range of options that SunLu offers is simply unbeatable even for the major players.

If you’re looking for a good brand to use for all kinds of different prints & applications, but don’t want to pay a premium, SunLu is the ideal brand that is ready to become your next new favourite. So get out there & start testing out the range that SunLu has to offer! With so many options available & a price that is low enough to simply take a chance with, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give SunLu a chance & test this awesome brand out, to see if it’s a good fit for your 3D Printing fun.