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Prusa i3 Enclosure Kit



Our own custom-made Prusa i3 Enclosure Kits are made from laser-cut Aluminium. 

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These Aluminium Prusa i3 Enclosure Kits are our own custom-made protective shells for 3D Printers, personally designed by our talented engineers and laser-cut to perfection. They are made to keep printers like the Prusa i3 warm inside and protected from external temperatures.

This is vital if your room, office or workshop has is subject to external forces like airconditioning or wind, as some components like the heatbed and Extruder Assembly need to be kept at specific temperatures in order to enjoy optimal printing results. This was the primary reason for the design of this enclosure, as it encases the printer so as to utilise the heat generated by the motherboard, Stepper Motor Drivers and other electronics, in order to maintain a temperature of around 45°C.

This maintained temperature offers a few great benefits – in addition to looking sleek and stylish on your desk or workbench – and these include less heating required to get components to desired temperatures, reduced negative effects incurred by external temperatures and forces, as well as even drying out the moisture in older filament rolls so as to reduce the chances of bubbles or popping if your 3D Printing Filament is slightly moist.

Some of the benefits that this enclosure offers include:

  • Substantially reduced heat loss – translating to better power efficiency.
  • Less susceptibility to external elements, such as an aircon or wind.
  • Controlled and reduced fumes from printing plastics.
  • Helps to dry out old filament that might have moisture in.
  • Makes the printer easily portable, while ensuring less damage during transportation.

The enclosure kit also comes with an easy to follow build guide in the downloads section, which is designed to take you every step of the way through building the shell and installing the printer within. This way you don’t have to pay the unnecessary costs of assembly, and can instead choose the classic DIY route and simply follow the build guide to enjoy all of these fantastic benefits.


Prusa i3 Enclosure Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Enclosure Material

– Aluminium

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Prusa i3 and Similar-Sized Models

  • Enclosure Dimensions

– L:650mm x W:560mm x H:530mm

  • Nuts, Bolts and Screws

– Included

  • Perspex Windows

– Included

  • Handles and Spool Mount

– Included


Typical Applications for the Prusa i3 Enclosure Kit:

Although our Prusa i3 Enclosure Kits are specifically designed to fit and encase the Prusa i3 models of 3D Printers, it is made to be universal to accommodate a wide range of other models too. The only exception is if the printer is simply too big to fit inside, as is the case with the Creality CR-10S. However, for standard desktop 3D printers, this enclosure is large enough to fit a wide range of different models with extra breathing room in case you want to fit in your own custom mods.

Just remember that you need to make sure your printer is in tip-top shape before installing it within the enclosure, as it can be difficult to fix some problems while the printer is in the shell. So, to save yourself some time and trouble, try to get your printer into the best possible working order before installing it within.


DIY I3 Encloure Build Docs

DIY I3 Encloure Build Documentation V1.3

Download (1.98M)

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Prusa i3 Enclosure Kit

Prusa i3 Enclosure Kit