Bondtech BMG-M Extruder - With Mosquito Mount - Cover Expand

Bondtech BMG-M Extruder - With Mosquito Mount

Bondtech Bondtech



The Bondtech Original BMG-M Extruder, designed for ultra-low weight & high precision, & optimized for the famous Mosquito & Mosquito Magnum Hotends.

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Technology is constantly moving forward, aiming to improve almost anything and everything around us, and to push what’s possible to the absolute limits. This is true within the world of 3D Printing too, from the latest and greatest features on machines, all the way through to custom upgrades for machines you already have. This can make it difficult to find the quality in the quantity, but fortunately there are brands that aim to break free from the clutter, by providing high quality and innovative products that allow them to really stand out in a saturated market.

Bondtech is just such a brand, focusing on quality and innovation rather than cost. This means that while clones may be cheaper, they will never be comparable to a Bondtech Original product.  With all this in mind, we are excited to stock the Bondtech BMG-M Extruder, a specialized model of the impressive original Bondtech BMG Extruder, but with an extra benefit for anyone who’s fortunate enough to own the sought-after Mosquito Hotend Assembly.

So what makes the BMG-M Extruder differ from the original? Well you still get Bondtech’s impressive Dual-Drive, Mini Geared Extruder setup, but the key feature is that the BMG-M Extruder is optimized for the Mosquito Hotend and Mosquito Magnum Hotend. This then features an integrated torque lock system to provide a strong connection, while also allowing quicker nozzle changes due to the load-bearing rods that fit between the heater block and the frame. This dramatically reduces the chances of breaking the heaterbreak while removing or installing nozzles, as the load-bearing rods take the brunt of the torque, allowing for a very novel “One Hand Nozzle Change” – which can in fact be done while the nozzle is cold too!

While the Bondtech BMG-M extruder is compatible with a variety of Extruder Assemblies, it must be noted that it may require additional components such as a Mosquito Hotend, thermal paste, Mosquito Thermistor and Mosquito Heater Cartridge. If you are looking for a more universal BMG extruder though, check out the original Bondtech BMG Extruder which we also stock.


Bondtech BMG-M Extruder  –  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Bondtech

  • Model

– Original BMG-M: Mosquito Optimized

  • Drive Gear Design

– Dual-Drive

  • Stepper Motor Support

NEMA 17: 5mm Shaft (Not Included)

  • Extruder Style Support  

– Bowden | Direct Drive

  • Compatible Hotends

– Mosquito Hotend

– Mosquito Magnum Hotend

  • Filament Compatible

– 1.75mm

  • Housing Material

– SLS Printed Nylon

  • Internal Gear Ratio

– 3:1

  • E-Steps

– 415

  • Weight

– 75g


Typical Applications for the Bondtech BMG-M Extruder:

While the purpose of a  quality extruder is to guide 3D Filaments to the hotend with the correct pressure and control, the BMG-M is optimized for the Mosquito Hotends, which allows you to get all the benefits of a BMG extruder, but also all of the benefits of your Mosquito Hotend. Additionally, as this extruder is supported on a variety of 3D Printers but not universally compatible, we suggest that you do some proper research to ensure compatibility before diving in and purchasing it for your 3D Printer.

Please Note: It may be possible to use the BMG-M extruder with only some of the required components. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work correctly. As such, we highly recommend checking the Bondtech BMG-M Requirements List to be extra sure.



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Bondtech BMG-M Extruder - With Mosquito Mount

Bondtech BMG-M Extruder - With Mosquito Mount