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The Mosquito Groove Mount Adapter

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The Mosquito Groove Mount Adapter fits on top of Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum Hotends, allowing for easy compatibility with Direct Drive extruders.

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As the world of Hobbyist 3D Printing has advanced, we’ve seen a lot of different brands and individuals models being focused towards Bowden Extruders, and this is primarily because Bowden extruders offer light weight and reasonably high quality extruding capabilities, while keeping as much weight as possible away from the actual print head. However, as many of us know, you simply can’t beat the precision and power of a Direct Driver extruder, and that’s why we feel like “Minor” upgrades like the Mosquito Groove Mount Adapter are actually vital for Makers who know what they want, and know how to get the quality they need.

This seemingly simple but very cool little adapter is made by Slice Engineering, and is designed to fit onto the top of The Mosquito Hotend and the Mosquito Magnum, to allow for easy direct drive extruding without having to make heavy modifications or permanent changes. It is primarily made for extruders like the TEVO Titan Extruder and Bondtech BMG, although it is important to realise that Bondtech have also made a specialised BMG-M Extruder specifically for the Mosquito. However, for many other direct drive extruders, this little adapter is necessary, although fortunately it’s rather cheap for the amount of work it saves, and overall is a necessary part if you want to finally enjoy the world of TPU and other 3D Filaments that just work so damn well on direct drive 3D Printers.


The Mosquito Groove Mount Adapter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Slice Engineering                                                  

  • Material Composition

– Aluminium

  • Hotend Compatibility

The Mosquito Hotend

The Mosquito Magnum Hotend

  • Extruder Style Compatibility 

– Direct Drive

  • Extras Included

– Mounting Screws


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The Mosquito Groove Mount Adapter

The Mosquito Groove Mount Adapter