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Prusa i3 Leadscrew Motor Upgrade Kit

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Tired of bad vertical print quality, slow Z homing speeds and Z couplers coming loose? This is the precision upgrade kit you have been waiting for!

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Tired of bad vertical print quality, slow Z homing speeds and Z couplers coming loose? This is the precision upgrade kit you have been waiting for!

Lead Screw Stepper Motor Upgrade Kit for Prusa i3 3D Printer Kits.

The standard Prusa i3 design calls for 5mm threaded rods to act as leadscrews for the Z-Axis. While the purpose of this choice is to keep the cost low and availability of parts high, there is a negative effect on print quality from these threaded rods. This is due to bends in the rods resulting in wobble and to the non-precise manufactured nature of the pitch of the thread. For standard metric 5mm threaded rods the thread pitch is specified to be 0.8mm/Rev. While this is true when the average thread pitch is measured across a length, it is quite possible to find that the pitch may be 0.78mm/rev then 0.82mm/rev, 0.81mm/rev etc. on subsequent revolutions. The result of this is ridges or other imperfections on the vertical walls of 3D prints with this design.

Flexible couplers are employed to reduce the wobble of bad examples of the 5mm rod however only so much can be done to improve print quality. The best solution is to use a Leadscrew! Trapezoidal leadscrews are precision machined parts that are designed for use in linear motion systems such as 3D printers and CNC machines. Until recently the price of these precision machined parts was very high and the parts are generally not available globally. DIYElectronics is proud to now market NEMA17 stepper motors will built in 300mm leadscrews at a very competitive price! These motors produce the same torque and step resolution as our previous motors but feature an integrated leadscrew + nut. This reduces the cost of the assembly and increases accuracy by not requiring a coupler or separate leadscrew. Accuracy is also increased.

In addition, the pitch of the threaded rod coupled with high resolution stepper motors results in a Z axis resolution of 0.25 micron per step!! (0.00025 mm). While we generally like more resolution in our machines, realistically anything below about 50 micron has marginal benefit at best in FDM style printers. Rather the implications of this extreme resolution are to limit the Z axis movement speed as the stepper motors can only move so fast before electro-magnetic effects cause a drop in motor torque. The pitch of these leadscrew motors is an order of magnitude higher at 8mm/Rev. This still produces awesome Z axis step resolution at 25 microns! While allowing the Z axis to travel far faster and smoother.

The engineering team has been hard at work designing and testing modified X-ends and Marlin firmware for your Prusa I3 kit. This upgrade kit includes all the needed parts to upgrade your standard I3 to a high accuracy leadscrew printer and get those flawless finishes on parts.


Included in the Prusa i3 Leadscrew Motor Upgrade Kit:

  • 2x NEMA17 Stepper Motors with Integral 300mm Leadscrew and Nut
  • 4x LM8uu Linear Bearings for Z Axis
  • 1x Set Leadscrew X-End Printed Parts for Upgrade
  • Step by Step Upgrade Manual and Online Email Support


This upgrade is compatible with all of our Prusa i3 3D printer kits.

Download the Leadscrew Kit Build Guide


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Prusa i3 Leadscrew Motor Upgrade Kit

Prusa i3 Leadscrew Motor Upgrade Kit

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