Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing - 1.75mm Expand

1m Capricorn XS PTFE 1.75mm Tubing - For Creality

Capricorn Capricorn



This Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing is supplied directly from Creality, and offers an ultra-low friction for 1.75mm Bowden extruders and hotend linings.

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While most Makers will consider the larger, more complex 3D Printer Components like extruders and hotend assemblies when looking for ways to upgrade the quality of their machines, the truth is that sometimes upgrades and improvements can come from the most unexpected parts. One such unexpected upgrade is the world-famous Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing, which fits between the Bowden extruder and hotend (or sleeved within the hotend) to offer ultra-low friction for the 3D Filaments to travel in while they are guided down into the melt zone.

Compared to typical white and see-through PTFE Tubing for 3D printers, Capricorn tubing has been made specifically for 3D Printing applications, with all of the tolerances, diameters, mechanical properties and other aspects carefully designed to offer the best possible results. Not only does Capricorn tubing offer ultra-low friction, but it also perfectly accommodates 1.75mm filament with impressive tolerances that are particularly beneficial for tricky filaments like Flexibles and TPU. And whereas these types of filaments typically tend to bend and fold within the tubing as they are being forced towards the hotend, the impressive tolerances and low friction coefficient between the filament and tubing ensures a smooth feed with little wiggle room to fold or bend.

Note: This PTFE Tubing is manufactured by the renowned brand “Capricorn”, and is manufactured to the same quality and tolerance specifications, but is supplied by Creality to accommodate their Pro Range of 3D Printers with perfect compatibility.


Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand Name

– Capricorn                                                                           

  • Series

– XS (Ultra-Low Friction)

  • Colour

– Dark Blue

  • Density (kg/m3)

– 2300 ±100

  • Hardness

– 60 to 65

  • Pulling Friction

– 0.8

  • Inner Diameter

– 1.9mm (±0.05 Tolerance)

  • Outer Diameter

– 3.95mm (±0.05 Tolerance)

  • Linear Thermal Expansion @ 250°C

– 2.2 to 3.3%

  • Melting Point

– ±340°C

  • Recommended Safe Temperatures

– -260° to +265°C

  • Thermal Conductivity (W/m-k)

– 0.25

  • Wear Rate (gm/s)

– 0.1

  • Young’s Modulus (GPa)

– 0.53

  • Material Composition

– Pure Virgin PTFE with “Secret Additive Mixture”

  • Length

– 1m (±1cm)


Typical Applications for 1.75mm Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing:

When trying to find PTFE Tubing for 3D Printing applications, Capricorn tubing offers the very best in terms of quality, durability, low friction and impressive tolerances. These are all vital factors in 3D printing, and are especially critical for printing Exotic Filaments like flexibles, rubber and other soft and bendable polymers. However, it can also be used for almost any other type of filament as well, and is world-renowned for reducing filament blockages, clogs and other problems relating to the filament bending or twisting within the PTFE.


Please Note: As with any other polymers and materials, printing at a temperature above the safe recommended temperatures may result in off-gasing over extended periods of time. As such, it's important to use a filtration system or print in a very well ventilated area to protect yourself from any harmful fumes if you're printing at these temperatures - regardless of what PTFE tubing or polymers you're using.


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1m Capricorn XS PTFE 1.75mm Tubing - For Creality

1m Capricorn XS PTFE 1.75mm Tubing - For Creality

After Seeing a massive need in the 3D Printing industry for reliable low-friction Bowden tubing, Capricorn decided that they would take the charge and create what could arguably be called the world’s first Bowden-specific PTFE tubing – focusing solely on low friction, high durability and temperature resistance that can withstand the heat of the hotend assembly.

Since founding, Capricorn have already introduced the TL and the XS series, which offer slightly different specifications and friction characteristics, with a distinct blue colour due to their secret additive blends. This unique colouring has actually catapulted their brand forward and into the limelight, causing them to get noticed amidst all of the low-grade white and transparent PTFE tubing, and now their brand has garnered enough attention to form exciting relationships with leading brands like Micro Swiss and E3D, as well as 3D printer manufacturers like Creality 3D.