3mm Teflon PTFE Tube - IDxOD 4x6mm L:1m - Filament Guide Line Expand

3mm Bowden Teflon PTFE Tube - 4x6mm L:1m



These 1m lengths of 3mm Bowden Teflon PTFE Tube have an ID of 4mm and an OD of 6mm, and are used for guiding 3mm filament on Bowden-style 3D printers.

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Within the world of cartesian-style 3D printing, there are two distinct styles of 3D Printers. The first of these is known as a direct drive printer, which has the extruder assembly connected to the hotend assembly to pull the filament directly from the spool. The second style of printer is the Bowden-style setup, in which the extruder is located separately and feeds the filament from the extruder to the Hotend Assembly via a PTFE guide line.

This is why we stock this 3mm Bowden Teflon PTFE Tubing, with an IDxOD of 4x6mm and a total length of 1 metre. This tubing is fitted between the Extruder Assembly and hotend assembly in Bowden-style printers, which acts as a simple low-friction guide for the filament to be pushed down, and ensures that the drive from the extruder effectively gets the 3D Filament to where it needs to be. It is easy to install by simply pushing the end into the John Guest fitting of a Bowden connector, which ensures that it fits firmly and snugly within the tight grip, but is still easy to remove if necessary when the time comes to replace the tubing.

Note: These PTFE Tubes are compatible with PC6 Bowden Connectors, and should fit snugly and firmly within the tight grip of the fitting.


3mm Bowden Teflon PTFE Tube  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

  • Filament Diameter Compatibility

– 3mm

  • Inner Diameter

– 4mm

  • Outer Diameter

– 6mm

  • Length

– 1m

  • Application

– Bowden Filament Guide Line

  • Safe Temperature Range

– 0° to 260°C


Typical Applications for the 3mm Bowden Teflon PTFE Tube - IDxOD 4x6mm L:1m:

This 3mm Bowden Teflon PTFE Tube has an IDxOD of 4x6mm and a length of 1m, and is stocked for Bowden-style 3D Printing setups. It fits between the extruder assembly and the hotend assembly and provides a clean, secure and low-friction guide line for filament to travel within as it gets pushed by the drive gear. This keeps the filament completely in control and safe from dust or external damage, which is important for ensuring that all of the different parts on the printer work together without any hassles.


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