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RAMPS Autolevel Inductive Bed Levelling Kit - Prusa i3

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Warped bed leading to uneven prints? Tired of having to readjust your Z endstop on your i3? The Auto Bed Levelling kit is what you have been looking for! 

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The DIYElectronics Auto Bed Levelling Upgrade Kit for the Prusa i3 3D printer, adds an inductive metal sensor probe to replace the Z endstop. This kit is intended for printers running Marlin firmware on RAMPS1.4 and that are fitted with an aluminium print bed. This kit requires you to edit your firmware configuration file, please read below.



  • Add capability for automatic bed levelling or tramming before prints by performing a multiple point Z height calibration across the bed. This uses the G29 G-code command built into the Marlin firmware. Read more here:
  • Improve first layer adhesion on big or multiple prints for a bed that is not leveled or is warped. 
  • Reduce the need to adjust Z endstop position over time as mounting bracket is far more rigid.


Kit includes:

  • Inductive Metal Proximity Sensor
  • 3D Printed Sensor Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Assembled Circuit Board for Sensor Interface to RAMPS 1.4 Electronics
  • Downloadable guide to installing and setting up your auto bed levelling kit and Marlin firmware configuration



  • DIYElectronics Prusa i3 3D printer
  • RAMPS 1.4 electronics running Marlin firmware
  • Aluminium metal heated print bed (HPB) such as the MK3 HPB or Aluminium plate with Kapton heater.
  • Compatible with both standard 200x200mm or XL 270x250mm bed configurations


Important Notes:

Firmware: To activate the use of this kit you will need to edit some lines in the Configuration.h file of your Marlin firmware and upload to your printer electronics. This is explained in the downloadable guide and is not difficult even for beginners.  

Read More:

NB: This mounting bracket in the kit is only compatible with the Charlstruder extruder for the Prusa i3. If you are still using an older gregs-wade extruder, you can print a Charlstruder out and upgrade from the following link:


Assembly Guide:

Autolevel Kit Install Guide


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RAMPS Autolevel Inductive Bed Levelling Kit - Prusa i3

RAMPS Autolevel Inductive Bed Levelling Kit - Prusa i3

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