Blue Painters Tape - 210x200mm Expand

Blue Painters Tape - 210x200mm



210x200mm sheets of Blue Painters Tape with adhesive backing – Provides a soft, sticky and residue-free surface for quality 3D plastic prints.

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While the basic premise of 3D Printing is quite simple science, the actual process is far more of an art, and often requires a lot of practice to get just perfect. Fortunately, tools like these sheets of 210x200mm Blue Painters Tape make that art a little more forgiving, as they provide a soft and sticky, yet residue-free platform to print on. Designed with 3D Makers in mind, these sheets make 3D printing a little bit easier – and in turn help you produce better quality prints.

Whereas a Maker like yourself would typically have to layer Heatbeds with hairspray or “ABS-Juice” to help the printed plastics stick to the print bed, these sheets can simply be stuck down onto the bed with their adhesive backings, and then removed and replaced as necessary. This not only saves you time on how long you spend preparing the surface for prints, but also removes any potential for mistakes or miscalculations – ensuring a soft, residue-free printing platform where your 3D designs can come to life.


210x200mm Blue Painters Tape  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Colour

– Mottled Blue                         

  • Material

– Masking Tape

  • Resistances

– Heat + Chemical

  • Adhesive Backing

– Yes

  • Dimensions

– 210 x 200mm


Typical Applications for these 210x200mm Sheets of Blue Painters Tape:

Our sheets of Blue Painters Tape come in rectangles of 210x200mm and can be stuck directly onto a heatbed. They were primarily made for the Makerbot series of 3D Printers, although Makers have adopted the sheets and tape variations for a wide range of different models.

The sheets are designed with high heat resistance and intense chemical resistance, and maintain a soft and sticky surface without any residue. This translates to easier and faster prints every time, without you having to dirty your hands with hairspray or “ABS-Juice”.

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Blue Painters Tape - 210x200mm

Blue Painters Tape - 210x200mm