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Sestic is the tried & trusted name in Clear All-Purpose Adesives, with fast drying times & effective adherence for a wide range of applications.

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Although we always do our best to keep things safe and prevent unnecessary damage to the things we like, it's a well-known fact that sometimes things just break, either from misuse, overuse, wear and tear or even stemming from as far back as the original design. Fortunately though, in today's technology-driven society, we have the tools, knowledge and expertise to fix things ourselves, and one such tool that always comes to mind in this regard is Sestic - "Your Trusted Name in Clear All-Purpose Adhesive".

But what sets Sestic apart from the wide array of other general-purpose adhesives on the market? Well, we're glad you're so eager to find out, because Sestic has quite a firm place in the hearts or many security installation experts, being the adhesive of choice when it comes to installing all of the sensor boxes and wiring that roam from room to room, discretely travelling along the corners and walls, and helping to keep your home safe from intruders. On that same note, we have to admit that we are also big fans of tried and trusted Sestic glue, as it's saved us from broken prints (and potentially failed social media posts) on more than just a few occasions, but fortunately even big mistakes can be easily fixed, as long as you have awesome tools like Sestic at your side.

Please Note: To enjoy the best effect from Sestic All-Purpose Adhesive, apply glue to both parts/surfaces that need to be adhered together, and then bring the two parts/surfaces together and apart a few times until the glue on both parts is tacky. After this, press the two parts/surfaces together firmly, and consider using a clamp, rubber bands or other temporary holding tools to keep the parts/surfaces together for about 10 minutes.


Sestic All-Purpose Clear Adhesive  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Volume                           

– 50ml

  • Typical Setting Time

– ≤10 minutes

  • Colour (Wet)

– Clear/Transparent

  • Colour (Dry)

– Opaque White

  • Container

– Tube

  • Safety Precautions

– Flammable: Keep Away from Flame

– Skin Irritant in High Doses

– Toxic in High Doses

– Keep Away from Eyes and Mouth


Typical Applications for Sestic All-Purpose Clear Adhesive:

Sestic, given its relatively basic functionality, is an awesome tool for fixing almost anything around the home or office, and has been designed with general-purpose repairs and fixing in mind. It is formulated for repairing chins, pottery, glass, wood, leather and most plastics, but of course reaches well beyond these basic use cases as long as it doesn’t need to hold anything too heavy or smooth. With that being said though, we haven’t really come across any situations in which Sestic hasn’t been able to save the day, and as such, our most common use cases would have to be:

  • Attaching wiring to walls, cornices, cupboards and other surfaces for neat and tidy cable management.
  • Fixing broken 3D Prints easily, instead of having to reprint or precariously heat-fuse parts together.
  • Installing sensors, boards and modules in peculiar or common-place locations, such as a motion sensor on a set of stairs, a Raspberry Pi on the back of a television, or even a limit switch in a cupboard – without the need for screws or other permanent fixtures.

Of course, with a tool as incredible as Sestic at your side, you will surely be able to find many more great uses for this all-purpose adhesive, and you probably already have a few uses in mind, so get yourself a stick of Sestic and start fixing All The Things – whether they like it or not!

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