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Magigoo Pro PP - 50ml

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Magigoo Pro PP offers excellent first-layer adhesion for Polypropylene Filaments, for less warping, less lift, & better overall print quality.

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3D Printing is certainly an awesome hobby, which allows you to create beautiful decorations, functional parts, or even working prototypes for brilliant inventions that are yet to blow the world away. However, one aspect that commonly plagues 3D Makers of all levels of skills and experience is first-layer adhesion, as the first layer forms the foundation for whatever is being printed – often being the leading cause of good or bad quality prints. And this is precisely why we simply can’t ignore the sheer value that Adhesion Aids like Magigoo Pro PP can offer.

These small but valuable bottles of Magigoo Pro PP are designed specifically for the ever-tricky polymer known as Polypropylene, and is made to form a thermally active interfacial layer that gets sticky as it heats up, forming a strong bond between the bed and the first layer being printed. This drastically reduces chances of lifting and warping, which Polypropylene is typically well-known for, and helps you achieve the print quality that you deserve by ensuring that the foundational first layer holds its ground well for the rest of the print to be built on top of. Additionally, because Magigoo is thermally active, it also offers the extra benefit of automatically (and gently) releasing the print as the bed cools down, which also helps to reduce any chances of damaging the print during the removal process.

There are few Bed Adhesion Aids that work as well (and as hassle-free) as Magigoo, so if you’re struggling with bed adhesion with Polypropylene, or if you’re just looking for a way to make your life as an avid 3D Maker easier than ever before, Magigoo Pro PP is capable of doing precisely that. And finally, if you’re looking for a reliable bed adhesion aid for other types of filaments, we also stock a good range of specialised Magigoo Adhesion Aids, with each Pro variation catering to a unique or specific filament.

*Please Note: Be careful of squeezing the bottle too hard, as this could pop the applicator out of the top and spill the Magigoo all over your printer. Instead, press the nib onto the bed and then squeeze gently until the applicator becomes wet or “gooey”. After that, simply allow the applicator to work its magic, applying a single layer horizontally across the bed, followed by a vertical layer on top of that.


Magigoo Pro PP  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Thought3D (Makers of Magigoo)                

  • Volume

– 50ml

  • Ideal Bed Temperatures

– 60° to 110°C

  • Solvent Used

– Water / H2O

  • Approximate Uses

– 80+

  • 3D Filament Compatibility

– Polypropylene Filaments


How to Effectively Apply Magigoo Polypropylene Adhesion Glue to your Print Surface:

To enjoy effective results with your new stick of Magigoo Polypropylene Adhesion Aid, simply shake the pen before use, press the nib down onto the bed and squeeze very gently until the applicator is wet, and then apply a thin even layer to the print surface that you will be using. Then, after a few prints, or if you find that you’re struggling with adhesion again, just wash it off with water to remove the old glue, as well as any residue or filament build up that has occurred on the print bed.

Just keep in mind though that it is ideal to apply Magigoo to cold surfaces, as it tends to spread while cold and then harden into a very sticky “layer” as it gets hot, so always be sure to apply it before you begin heating up the bed to ensure optimal adhesion. And just in case you're unsure of anything, we've also included the instructions manual in our downloads section above, as well as a helpful video down below, so be sure to check these out if you're running into any problems with your Magigoo Pro PP.




Magigoo Pro Polypropylene - Material Safety Datasheet

Download (164.12k)

HWPHPBMPPP - User Manual

Magigoo Pro Polypropylene - User Manual

Download (4.24M)

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Magigoo Pro PP - 50ml

Magigoo Pro PP - 50ml

Thought3D, although a relatively unspoken name, is a surprisingly common brand in the world of 3D Printing, as they are the creators of the world-famous Magigoo All-In-One Bed Adhesion Glue Sticks! Founded in 2013, Thought3D primarily focuses on R&D for the additive manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on 3D Printing and the ever-popular problems involving first-layer adhesion.

In addition to offering an amazing product that is used throughout the world on a daily basis, Thought3D also boasts an impressive portfolio of achievements that they’ve acquired over just a few short years. These include winning the “TAKEOFF Seed Fund Award” in 2015, as well as the “Malta Enterprise Business Grant”, “Malta Innovation Award for Best Technological Innovation” and “WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy” in 2016, with each year leading to new developments, new adhesive formulas, and refinements to not just their products, but also their entire supply chain and business model.