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Nozzle Cleaning Filament from eSUN, for cleaning out and unclogging nozzles before, after or between prints - 100g coils of 1.75mm filament.

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eSUN, one of the leading manufacturers of 3D Printing consumables and accessories, are constantly bringing out new innovations related to different material usage, new blends of colours, and even 3D Printer maintenance. These 100g coils of 1.75mm Cleaning Filament from eSUN are one such example of this innovation, and offer a super simple and easy to use Nozzle and hotend cleaning solution. It is a viscous plastic that, when manually extruded, picks up all of the little bits of melted filament or cabonised debris within the hotend and nozzle and pushes them out the end to clear the extrusion channel.

This cleaning filament helps to prolong the lives of 3D Printers, avoid unexpected blending of previous colours, as well as prepare the extrusion channel for upcoming prints. All of these functions benefit overall print quality, especially if you are switching from a dark filament to a lighter filament, and ensure that any upcoming prints will be subject to less clogging and better extrusion flow. This is why so many 3D Makers consider cleaning filament to be one of the most valuable 3D Printer Filaments in their toolbox, as it not only improves 3D printing results in a variety of different ways, but it also saves time and effort in having to clear out clogs or manually extrude colours between prints to ensure that prints come out precisely as expected.

eSUN’s 1.75mm cleaning filament comes in loose coils of around 100g, but can last a surprisingly long time since you only need to manually extrude a small amount (until it extrudes pure white filament) each time you want to clean your nozzle and Hotend Assembly.


eSUN Specialised Cleaning Filament  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Plastic Colour

– White / Semi-Transparent                                                        

  • Filament Diameter

– 1.75mm

  • Density (g/cm3)

– 0.95

  • Distortion Temperature (°C, 0.45MPa)

– 45

  • Tensile Strength (MPa)

– 23

  • Elongation at Break (%)

– 580

  • IZOD Impact Strength (kJ/m3)

– 29

  • Total Weight

– ±100g


eSUN Specialised Cleaning Filament  -  Suggested Print Settings:

  • Print Temperature (°C)

– 160 to 300                                              

  • Infill Speed (mm/s)

– Manual Extrusion

  • Travel Speed (mm/s)

– Manual Extrusion


How to Use 1.75mm 100g Cleaning Filament from eSUN:

While there’s no question as to whether cleaning filament is a clever idea or not, it would be almost useless if it were difficult to use. Fortunately, the process is quite simple even for absolute beginners, and all you need to know is how to manually extrude filament. With that in mind, the process of using eSUN 1.75mm Cleaning Filament is as follows:

  • First, heat up the hotend to the standard operating temperature at which you would typically print with, preferably matching the required temperature of the filament that you’ve most recently printed with.
  • Second, after the hotend and nozzle are heated up, remove the Bowden tube (for Bowden Style Extruders) or clear space to access the top of the hotend where the filament is typically inserted.
  • Third, insert the cleaning filament into the top of the hotend and begin to manually extrude it by simply pushing it into the hotend with a reasonable amount of force.
  • Fourth, turn off the heating unit for the nozzle and continue manual extrusion until the filament coming out of the nozzle is completely white, or until it becomes too difficult to manually extrude the filament due to the cooling of the nozzle.
  • Finally, remove the cleaning filament from the top of the hotend and check if the end of it is clean. If it is, then you can consider your work done. However, if it is discoloured or has small bits stuck to it, cut off the dirty end, heat up the nozzle again and repeat the process from the third step.

And that’s is all there is to effectively cleaning the hotend and nozzle with cleaning filament. The entire process should take no longer than 15 minutes or so once you’ve become accustomed to it, and these fifteen minutes can dramatically improve overall print quality. Whether you are moving from dark to light filaments and want to ensure colour clarity, or whether you simply want to improve the flow of your hotend and nozzle for optimal extrusion efficiency, cleaning filament is a simple, easy and effective way to do it.

Colour White
Special Cleaning
Plastic Diameter 1.75mm
Plastic Weight 0.15

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Cleaning Filament 1.75mm 100g eSUN

Cleaning Filament 1.75mm 100g eSUN

Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2002 in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and has rapidly become one of the leading international suppliers of 3D Printing Filament. They specialise in research, development and production of degradable polymer materials, and have grown their catalogue of filaments to include PLA, ABS, PC, PVA, and a wide range of other polymers and copolymers.

Their list of exclusive filament formulas include unique materials like wood, aluminium, bronze and other materials to create highly specialised filaments that can stretch, bend, be moulded or otherwise behave in very unique ways. Their filaments are also commonly characterised by their absolutely round shape, extremely low diameter tolerance, uniform colours and impressively stable melting points. These characteristics, in combination with their long-term insistent policy of “Best Quality, Reasonable Price” has garnered them a large share of the market, with their reputation commonly preceding them within knowledgeable online and offline 3D Printing communities.

eSUN’s popularity in the industry has also helped to produce sustainable partnerships with many internationally famous 3D Printer manufacturers and distributors, with DIYElectronics having sole distributorship rights to provide their 3D Printing Filaments to South Africa and neighbouring African countries.