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Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro



This Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro is a clever little gadget that utilises liquid flow and pressure to produce 3.6V of clean, renewable energy.

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The Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro is a compact little hydro-dynamo that utilises the flow and pressure of liquids to generate renewable energy at 3.6V. This is excellent for projects involving water or flowing liquids, and can greatly subsidise the energy requirements of small components. Ideally used for projects like custom fish tanks or water level monitoring systems, as you can reduce the overall external energy needed to run the project – or possibly even power the entire project with just this little generator.

This generator comes equipped with a 700mAh battery, improved from previous versions with a smaller 300mAh battery, so that even when your project doesn’t need to be powered you can capture the extra energy for later use. Then, when flow rate or pressure is low, it can use the extra energy stored in the battery to power all of the components. The battery also helps to stabilise the voltage output, ensuring that the generator never spikes or dips in a way that damages whatever it’s connected to.

As a final note, it’s important to consider the maximum operating temperature of 110°C, as exposing the parts within the generator to temperatures exceeding this level can cause damage.


Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Type

– Lithium Polymer Battery with PCM

  • Charging Circuit

– Li-Po Charge circuit

  • Battery Capacity

– 700mAh

  • Working Pressure

– < 2KGF

  • Pressure Drop

– 0.4Bar (3.0 L/Min)

  • Peak Current

– 1.4A

  • Stand-by Current

– 1.4A Max

  • Voltage Output

– 3.6V DC – 700mAh

  • Power Output

– 125mW (4LPM)

  • Max Flow

– 20L/Min (2KGF)

  • Water Resistance

– IP4

  • High Limited Voltage

– 4.3V DC

  • Wire Length

– 84mm

  • Jack Type

– JWT C2521 Terminal Plug

  • Connect Thread Gauge

– G 1/2”

  • Burst Pressure

– 20KGF

  • Normal Operation Temperatures

– 4°C – 80°C

  • Max Intermittent Operating Temp’

– 110°C / 30Min

  • Generating Model

– NACuM Core (PAT NO.DE202006004800)

  • Weight

– 165 ±5g

  • Dimensions

– L:84.5mm x W:64.5mm x H:81mm


Typical Applications for the Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro:

The Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro is a handy gadget for a wide range of different applications, and can be used within all kinds of liquid-based projects like microbreweries, water level monitors or even just connected to your indoor plumbing. It uses the flow and pressure of liquids to generate clean, renewable energy for lightweight projects requiring up to 3.6V, or to simply subsidise the energy required by larger systems.

As such, customers who have purchased this generator have reported success with the following projects:

  • Building a microbrewery to ferment and create their own beers or similar beverages.
  • Adding external LED lighting to plumbed systems to easily identify when liquid is flowing through pipes.
  • Crafting a small Lilow for your phone to sit rest on, that slowly charge the phone as water flows below it.

As you can see, wherever liquids offer flow or pressure, this Micro Hydro Generator can be utilised for exciting projects. Whether you want to power an entire project, or are simply eager to subsidise the energy consumption of a project with clean, renewable (and free) energy, this generator is a great investment.

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Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro

Hydro Generator 3.6V Micro