Micro Swiss Heat Break for CR-10 & Ender Series - Cover Expand

Micro Swiss Heat Break for CR-10 & Ender Series

Micro Swiss Micro Swiss



This replacement Titanium Heat Break offers amazing resistance to heat creep for the Micro Swiss All-Metal Hotend for CR-10 & Ender Series 3D printers.

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Micro Swiss hotends have excited 3D Makers with their all-metal designs and high temperature printing. With a 3D Printer at your side, it is endlessly fun to experiment with many different types of 3D filaments for your various creations. The Micro Swiss brand has given hobbyists the chance to do just that with their affordable and high-quality 3D printer components. However, even the best quality components can break under the extreme process of 3D printing, through wear and tear over time, or unfortunate accidents. We make special effort to supply replacement components for your Micro Swiss Hotend upgrades so you can always get back to enjoying their great 3D printing benefits.

This is a replacement Heat Break for the Micro Swiss All-Metal Hotend for the CR-10 and Ender Series 3D printers. A heat break is used to channel filament from the cooling tower and straight into the heated nozzle. The top end of the heat break inside the cooling tower is designed to stay cold while the bottom end inside the heat block will heat up which in turn will aid in rapidly heating up your filament to the desired temperature in preparation for extrusion through the nozzle. The Micro Swiss Heat Break is made of grade 5 titanium and designed as a drop-in replacement for their hotend, ensuring you can continue printing straight away.

Tip: You will need to heat up your hot end when removing and installing your heat break to avoid damaging it. This can be done by heating up the hotend while assembled or by using a heat gun which also works very well.

Micro Swiss Titanium Head Break - Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer                                                        

Micro Swiss

  • Material Composition

– Grade 5 Titanium

  • Hotend Compatibility

Micro Swiss Hotends for CR-10&Ender | CR-10s Pro | CR-6 SE | CR-6 Max | CR-10 Smart

  • Cooling Tower Compatibility

Micro Swiss Aluminium Cooling Block

  • Heater Block Compatibility

Micro Swiss MK8 Heat Block

  • Weight

– 4g

  • Dimensions

– 15x4mm

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Micro Swiss Heat Break for CR-10 & Ender Series

Micro Swiss Heat Break for CR-10 & Ender Series

Within 3D Printing, there are a few brands whose hard work has made them stand out from the rest, with real innovation and the ability to not only refine old designs, but actually redesign from the ground up to offer more comprehensive upgrades for 3D printing enthusiasts and Makers throughout the world.

Micro Swiss is one such brand that perfectly fits this description, and since their founding back in 2015, the Micro Swiss brand has garnered world-wide attention for the quality, material composition and precision of their hotends, nozzles and other all-metal components. With a core focus on TwinClad XT Plated Brass Nozzles and All-Metal Hotend Upgrades for some of the most popular 3D Printers on the market, it’s no surprise that one of the easiest and most effective upgrades available to Makers are Micro Swiss Replacement Parts and Upgrade Kits.

In addition to the amazing 3D Printing components and upgrades that they produce, Micro Swiss also specialise in Swiss Turning, which is capable of precision CNC machining outer diameters as small as 0.0127mm, as well as CNC milling, tapping and post machining finishing for prototyping. These service offerings and correlating skillsets ensure that the Micro Swiss team is more than just capable of producing consistently high-quality parts, but also capable of identifying precisely where each part could use improvements.

As manufacturers and end-users of everything they produce, Micro Swiss is one of the most impressive brands we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, and we look forward to all of the exciting refinements and developments that they are bound to bring out in the future.