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The Mosquito Heat Break

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The Mosquito Bi-Metallic Heat Break offers exceptional resistance to heat creep, ensuring a cool, effective filament path for The Mosquito Hotend Assembly.

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The Mosquito Hotend is certainly a modern marvel in 3D Printing, bringing a beautiful design with clever component material composition that really sets it above any other Hobbyist-Level Hotends on the market. However, it’s only because this hotend assembly is made of multiple different parts that it can offer the high level of quality that it does, with each component playing a vital role and working towards the shared goal of excellent print quality, and this is why we always strive to keep Mosquito Spares like the Mosquito Heat Break in stock, so that if you ever damage any part of your Mosquito Hotend from an accident like a print head crash, you can replace just that single part, instead of having to swap out the entire hotend assembly.

The Mosquito Heat Break is a specially made thermally resistant filament feed path, and features a unique bi-metallic composite construction for both high strength and high performance. It consists of thermally resistant materials where it needs to prevent heat from creeping, while simultaneously having high thermally efficient materials in areas where it radiates the excess heat into the surrounding air. This is truly a magnificent demonstration of craftsmanship, allowing it to be ultra-thin, extremely effective at throttling heat creep, and amazing at getting rid of any heat that happens to creep its way upwards.

Of course, this particular Mosquito Heat Break is designed for the Classic Mosquito Hotend 2020 Edition, which features the higher cooling fins and a wider pipe diameter, and as such will require the more recent Mosquito Heat Sink 2020 Edition to accommodate the top of this heat break. So you may need to take this into consideration if your current Mosquito Heat Break/Heat Sink requires the previous 2.15mm diameter, as these 2020 Editions feature a 3.4mm diameter. Additionally, if you have a Mosquito Magnum Hotend, we also have stock of the Mosquito Magnum Heat Break, which offers the extended melt zone for even faster printing speeds.


The Mosquito Heat Break  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Slice Engineering                                                

  • Material Composition

– Bi-Metallic

– High-Grade Copper Alloy

– Strained Stainless Steel

  • Material Plating/Coating

Plastic Repellent Paint

  • Hotend Compatibility

The Mosquito Hotend (2020 Edition)

– NB: 3.4mm Top Outer Diameter

  • Cooling Tower Compatibility

– The Mosquito Heat Sink

  • Heater Block Compatibility

The Mosquito Hot Block

  • Top Diameter

– 3.4mm


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The Mosquito Heat Break

The Mosquito Heat Break