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HX711 Load Cell Sensor Interface Module



The Arduino-compatible HX711 Module is the perfect tool for interfacing with Load Cell Sensors – Ideal for building reactive automation systems.

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The HX711 Load Cell Sensor Interface Module is a 24-bit ADC, or analog-to-digital converter, made to interface with load cell sensors for applications like weigh scales and industrial control. It allows you to connect to and read the outputs of Load Cell Sensors, and then react accordingly depending on the situation. A great example of this module in action would be reading the load cells placed underneath stock items and then sending signals to the stock-control system to order more when the items are running low – or reaching a minimum weight reading.

These Modules come equipped with an integrated programmable gain of 128, with two selectable analog input channels that can be amplified as they pass through. They include an on-chip oscillator to keep timing without external crystals or additional modules, and even have an on-board power supply regulator to help prevent any forms of electronic mishaps. The ADC chip is 24-bit to improve accuracy, and the modules feature a relatively fast refresh frequency of 10/80Hz.


HX711 Load Cell ADC Amplifier Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8 to 5.5V DC                              

  • Operating Current

– 1.6mA

  • Input Channels

– 2 (Selectable)

  • ADC Converter

– 24-bit

  • Onboard Gain

– 128 (Programmable)

  • Refresh Frequency

– 10/80Hz

  • Dimensions

– 36 x 21 x 4mm


Typical Applications for the HX711 Load Cell Sensor Interface Module:

The HX711 Load Cell Sensor Interface Module is an excellent tool for connecting with and reading the signals from load cell sensors and is perfect for weight-related automation systems. This can include a wide range of different applications from simple weigh scales to advanced factory quality control systems, with some of the most interesting examples being:

  • Automatic stock ordering systems that keep track of the amount of items in stock by measuring the weight of them, and then reordering more when they reach a minimum threshold.
  • Quality control systems in factories and manufacturing processes that weight products or bags of product, rejecting items that don’t meet the weight requirements.
  • Building your own digital scale for weighing food, individual ingredients or even fruit, veggies or fish that you’ve just harvested.

Of course, these are just some of the hundreds or thousands of great examples in which these load cell sensor interface modules can offer real value. So if you think you could use one of these modules to build your own automation system, or to upgrade one that you already have, they are a great investment. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also Arduino-compatible, meaning you don’t even need specialised equipment, and can instead simply rely on almost any of the standard Arduino Boards to do most of the work for you.

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HX711 Load Cell Sensor Interface Module

HX711 Load Cell Sensor Interface Module