2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module NRF24L01+ With Amplifier Expand

2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module NRF24L01+ With Amplifier



This 2.4GHZ NRF24L01+ WiFi Transceiver Module with Amplifier is the ultimate low-power solution to long range WiFi communications up to 1km!

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The 2.4GHZ Wireless Transceiver Module NRF24L01+ with onboard Amplifier is the ideal solution if you’ve been looking for an effective but inexpensive way to connect devices over long ranges or boost signals within your office or home. Designed to use ultra-low power consumption, this WiFi Module utilises a combination of four distinct features that allow it to operate on the low power output of a coin cell or alkaline batteries for month or even years given the right conditions. These four power-saving features include:

  • Sub 14mA Tx and Rx active currents.
  • Multiple power-saving modes with rapid activation protocols to control precise power ratings for various functions.
  • Up to 2Mbps data transfer to minimize time spent in active operation.
  • Reduced load on host microcontroller with trademark ShockBurst™ technology.

These power-saving features make this WiFi transceiver module the ideal solution that you can simply set up and forget about. With such a long lifespan and a refined design that ensures very few bugs or unnecessary problems, this module aims to be the ultimate in Communications convenience, low-power consumption, as well as ease-of-use for almost any user.

Please Note: This module includes the wireless antenna, which may not be necessary over short distances but will be vital for ranges further than 20m.

Technical Specifications:

  • Multi-Channel Receiving

– Up to 6 Simultaneous Receiving Channels

  • Multi-Frequency

– 125

  • Data Transfer Speed

– Up to 2Mbps

  • Operating Frequency

– 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz

  • Operating Voltage

– 3V to 3.6V DC (Recommended 3.3V)

  • Maximum Output Power

– +20 dBm

  • Emission Mode Current (Peak)

– 115mA

  • Receive Mode Current (Peak)

– 45mA

  • Power-Down Mode Current

– 4.2uA

  • Microcontroller Compatibility

– MCU / ARM / PIC / AVR / STM32

  • 250kb Rate (Open Area)

– >1000 Metre

  • 1MB Rate (Open Area)

– 750 Metre

  • 2MB Rate (Open Area)

– 520 Metre

  • Sensitivity 250kbps Mode in Received

– -104 dB

  • Sensitivity 1Mbps Mode in Received

– -95 dB

  • Sensitivity 2Mbps Mode in Received

– -92 dB

  • PA Gain

– 20 dB

  • LNA Gain

– 10 dB

  • LNA Noise Figure

– 2.6 dB

  • Antenna Gain (Peak)

– 2 dBi

  • Dimensions

– 38 x 16.46 x 0.8mm


Typical Applications for the 2.4GHZ Wireless Transceiver Module NRF24L01+ with Amplifier:

Thanks to the unique features of this 2.4GHZ Wireless Transceiver Module NRF24L01+ with Amplifier, it is most commonly used in conjunction with devices or gadgets that don’t often get plugged into a power source. These types of devices include video game controllers, mice and keyboards, sports and fitness accessories, sensor networks, RFID systems, as well as other Electronics within the home or office environment.

The low power consumption also means that you won’t have to worry about changing out the batteries for months or even years on end, while the almost-excessive range of around 1km and high data transfer speeds of 2Mbps ensures that it will comfortably reach throughout the entirety of a standard house of office space – with speedy and reliable data transfer.

So, whether you want to boost the signal of your WiFi at home, connect your next-door neighbour’s X-Box controller to your console, or simply want to add WiFi functionality to a device of appliance that needs it, this clever little Electronic Module is an excellent choice.

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